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Skindinavia is a favorite of many Hollywood stars and professional make up artists! Enjoy up to 16 hours of the perfect make up look, without running out, fading or staining!
Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray Bridal
Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray Oil Control
Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray Oil Control 20 ml.
Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray 118 ml.


What about Skindinavia?

Do you also suffer from make-up that fades during the day? This is the solution you have been looking for for a long time! And you know, it is even the favorite finishing spray of many Hollywood stars and professional make up artists! From now on you can enjoy the perfect make up look for up to 16 hours. Melting, creasing and fading of your make up is a thing of the past. This handy spray forms a weightless and breathable layer over your look and ensures that your make up look stays on perfectly with a fresh and gloss-free finish. Whether you carry liquid, powder or cream make-up, you fix everything with this setting spray. If you suffer from an oily skin and you want to keep the shine under control, then go for the oil control setting spray. But there is also a water-resistant finishing spray! Plenty of choice, which will be your new favorite?

The range of Skindinavia is much wider than just fixing sprays . Besides this bestseller you can also go to Skindinavia for primer sprays and recovery sprays. The perfect look starts with the perfect base and let the primer spray from Skindinavia be the canvas for a breathtaking look. The primer sprays contain no silicone, feel comfortable and are breathable. Do you have oily skin? Then go for the oil control primer, bye bye gloss!

Did you know that your skin can become tired after wearing make up? Then it will be time for a vitamin boost: Recovery spray! This spray can be used after removing your make up, but is also perfect to use between two make up looks. This popular repairing spray is used by many make up artists and influencers and ensures that your skin gets a healthy shine again. Boost your skin and you are ready to go!

Skindinavia at Boozyshop

Boozyshop has all Skindinavia products in its assortment. If you can not choose or doubt the powerful effect of these sprays, you can order a small version! Almost all spray's are available in 20 ml, 118 ml and 236 ml.

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Do you only go for the favorite finishing spray of many celebs, or will you also order the primer and recovery spray?! Let yourself be surprised and experience these wonderspray yourself. Is your order more than 30 euros? Then you can choose a gift. Order quickly!