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Silky Slick Stick

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Silky Slick Stick Silky Slick Stick

Silky Slick Stick

Silky Slick Stick

Oh yesss, say goodbye to those mega annoying baby hairs! With the Silky Slick Stick you brush the loose hairs, so that they are no longer visible and you enjoy a super neat, tight haircut all day long! No more loose hairs on the side or back of your hairstyle, so ready to rock your day!

What is the Silky Slick Stick?

Almost all of us put mascara on our lashes every day to make sure they look nice and stand out more. Actually, the Slick Stick works the same, only you use it on your hair and the mascara is transparent in color! The Slick Stick keeps baby hairs in shape, without your hair sticking or feeling dirty. Cruelty free & vegan, super cute design and easy to carry in your bag; you want this topper!

Order Silky Slick Stick online at Boozyshop

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