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Rude Cosmetics

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Rude Cosmetics Leopardina Eyeschadow Palette
€21,95 €10,95

Rude Cosmetics

Makeup with an attitude®

Rude Cosmetics is a brand with a message: show your inner you and you can do that best with make up! Go express your inner beauties, because with the products of Rude Cosmetics you can really go anywhere! Ideal, because for every emotion there is a suitable palette. Express who you really are and how you feel at that moment by allowing yourself to fully engage with the striking, powerful and beautiful Rude-ly make up. Whether you opt for a natural, eye-catching, powerful or rude look, the goal is that you can express your imagination without feeling guilty about it. Motto: Never look back, but always look forward! When you wear Rude Cosmetics, you wear makeup with an attitude!

Rude with a wink!

Everyone wants to be liked, or course! There is nothing wrong with being honest and being able to say how you really think about it. From now on you can do that without using words. Nice! You can easily express yourself with the make-up of Rude. In 2016 this brand came on the market and from now it is even available in the Netherlands here at Boozyshop! Stand up for yourself handsome boys and girls and take a look at the super attractive range of Rude Cosmetics; a little naughty with a wink!

The ultimate

You might not expect it, but the beautiful colorful palettes from Rude Cosmetics are the crème de la crème, the top of the bill, the best of the best! The quality is excellent, actually it's fantastic and that for unrivaled affordable prices. Ow yeah! This means shopping beauty's, because you really get the ultimate!

Rude Cosmetics palettes

Rude Cosmetics offers a range of palettes. It will be very difficult to choose! Do you have you already looked at the range of Rude with all those splendid eyeshadow and highlight palettes? Not yet?! Go for it beauty, because you don't want to miss these essentials! With the eyeshadow palettes you can create multiple looks, ideal! And they are mega pigmented, so you easily create an intense eye look without using too much product.

The packaging is also so cool: Colorful, cheerful and a little bit rude! It's a party to buy and collect them ;) Some are even in the form of a book with 35 chapters. Go write your own story and get these palettes quickly!

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Are you even as enthusiastic as us? Order your favorite Rude palette quickly at Boozyshop! If you can't choose, something we completely understand because we don't find that easy as well, you can always ask our makeup artists in the chat for advise. Hopefully they can help you by making the right choice. Did you click all your favorite essentials into your shopping basket, nice! Then you can pay your order safely and quickly. If you order more than € 30 you can choose a nice gift that we add to your order for free. How wonderful is that! Go get your favorite Rude palette beauty!