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Queen Tarzi Lashes

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Eye Color
Queen Tarzi Jade Lashes
Queen Tarzi Ella Lashes
Queen Tarzi Rose Lashes
Queen Tarzi Diva Lashes
Queen Tarzi Nila Lashes
Queen Tarzi Flawless Finish 3 in 1 Make Up Sponge
Queen Tarzi Zoë Lashes
Queen Tarzi Royal Eyeshadow Palette
€42,95 €29,95
Queen Tarzi Lash Glue White Tone
Queen Tarzi Bella Lashes
Queen Tarzi Ivy Lashes
Queen Tarzi Jasmine Lashes
Queen Tarzi Eyelash Applicator
Queen Tarzi Nora Lashes
Queen Tarzi Brush-on Glue Dark
Queen Tarzi Ava Lashes
Queen Tarzi Lash Glue Dark Tone
Queen Tarzi Duo Pack Sponge
Queen Tarzi Brush-on Glue White

Queen Tarzi Lashes

What about Queen Tarzi?

With beautiful eyelashes you complete your make up look. The eyelashes of Queen Tarzi not only make your eyes bigger, but also more bright and eye-catching. Through the eyelashes of Queen Tarzi every woman can shine with beautiful silk lashes. According to Queen Tarzi, every woman deserves to have beautiful lashes. There is quite a difference between natural and synthetic lashes. Synthetic lashes feel unnatural because of the thick plastic band. In addition, these lashes often irritate and feel heavy on your eyelid. Queen Tarzi's silk lashes are of very high quality with a flexible cotton strap. This makes the lashes feel extra natural. All eyelashes from Queen Tarzi are free from chemical processing and dyes. These lashes are also vegan and hypoallergenic. A very responsible choice are these eyelashes. All eyelashes are light and have a beautiful shine. You can wear the lashes again with the right care up to 20 times. The lashes of Queen Tarzi are made of poly fiber material (PBT) which is used to create the feeling of silk. This makes all products cruelty free! Life is short, lashes do not have to be!

This is how you use the Queen Tarzi lashes


  • Place the strip of the artificial eyelashes in line with your natural lash line.
  • Cut if the eyelash strip is too long.
  • Apply a thin layer of glue to the entire lash line.
  • Wait 30 seconds.
  • Secure the eyelashes by pressing the lash line against the lash line.


  • Carefully pull the artificial eyelash from the outside to the inside to remove it.
  • Remove the adhesive residue from the lashes and place the lashes in the original packaging for reuse.

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