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Practk by Sigma Beauty.

Sigma is one of the most popular makeup brands in the cult beauty industry. It is therefore no secret that Sigma is among the top with its patented makeup brushes and brush care products. With these thoughts in mind, they have also introduced a sister brand - Practk.

A playful brand that offers you various affordable brushes for a professional quality. Practk a brand that was founded by the innovative founders of Sigma Beauty: Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho. They offer you affordable, high-quality tools for daily use.

Handmade synthetic brushes

The brushes from Practk consist of seven different variants that give you the basis for a perfect makeup look. Whether you apply blush, powder, foundation or eye shadow, Practk helps you out. The luxurious handmade brushes are synthetic and contain antimicrobial hairs so that your makeup look is applied evenly. Besides that these makeup brushes are cruelty free, we give a free 1 year warranty.

Practk brushes cleaning

You should always take good care of your brushes, it is important for the optimum lifespan of your brushes to clean them weekly. Boozyshop has a wide range of products to keep your brushes as new. Always use a shampoo and lukewarm water specially developed for the brushes. When using new brushes for the first time, always make sure that you have washed the brushes. And certainly not unimportant: make sure you let your brushes dry upside down so that the water does not get into the glue, because this is disastrous for quality.

Practk shopping at Boozyshop

Of course you want to get started right away with your new makeup brushes. We got your back! Shop today before 8:00 pm. at Boozyshop and enjoy your new brushes tomorrow. And did you know that when you exceed 30 euros you can also choose a gift? What are you waiting for? Fast Practk shopping at Boozyshop.