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O'Keeffe's Lip Repair Unscented Tube
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O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Tube
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This sounds familiar to you: dry and cracked lips during the cold winter months. And nobody likes that. We know what you need, a lip balm that works really well. The good news is that we have this for you, namely O'Keeffe's lip balms!

The roots of O'Keeffe's

We have to go back in time, because the story takes us back more than 20 years ago. Bill O'Keeffe was a hard working man with diabetes. Because of his illness and hard life, he suffered from dry hands and feet. His daughter, Tara, found it terrible to see how much trouble her father had and therefore went looking for a solution for dry and chapped skin. Together with her father she found a formula that offers relief and O'Keeffe's has grown into a very popular brand!


Many people are obsessed with this lip balm and can't live without it. It repairs your lips very quickly and in a very short time. That is precisely why this lip balm is the favorite of many. See result in no time, great isn't it?! The lip balm heals, relieves and restores extremely dry lips. Tests have shown that this balm provides immediate relief after application and hydrates your lips throughout the day. In addition, your lips are protected even when you eat or drink. And most important is that this balm is immediately absorbed by your lips which ensures that you can enjoy lips that feel soft and smooth again!

The ultimate secret

Now we already hear you think: why should this lip balm work quickly and effectively? We will do our best to explain as clearly as possible what makes O'Keeffe's lip balm so special. The air extracts moisture from your lips and because these are dray and cracked your lips lose moisture more quickly. Your lips become drier and drier, resulting in more cracks. This 'circle' must come to an end and that is where O'Keeffe's lip balm occurs. This balm forms a flexible layer over your lips so that the air can no longer extract the moisture from your lips. The ingredients are optimally absorbed by your lips, even extra hydrated, and that for 8 hours. The biggest secret of this lip balm: The flexible barrier!

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