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NYX Cosmetics Eyebrows

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NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil
NYX Professional Makeup The Instant Brow Glue Styler
NYX Professional Makeup Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade
NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Cake Powder
NYX Professional Makeup Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil
NYX Professional Makeup Tinted Brow Mascara
NYX Professional Makeup Control Freak Eye Brow Gel Clear
NYX Professional Makeup Bare With Me Hemp Brow Setter

NYX Cosmetics Eyebrows

NYX Cosmetics Eyebrows

You may forget it sometimes but your eyebrows are enormously important when it comes to your appearance. Therefore never forget to draw your eyebrows. Your eyebrows are one of the most striking parts of your face, it is therefore important to purchase a suitable eyebrow product. NYX Cosmetics has an enormously extensive range where you can certainly succeed. Go for an eyebrow paint, powder or pencil and give your eyebrows that little bit extra it needs. Discover the complete NYX Cosmetics eyebrow range at Boozyshop. Your eyebrows will be grateful.

NYX Cosmetics eyebrow products

Updating your eyebrows may not seem that difficult, but for the best results, these tips can certainly help you. Make sure you use the right product for the effect you have in mind. If you want to go for the most natural look, go for an eyebrow pencil or powder from NYX Professional Makeup. You determine the intensity yourself with a powder or pencil and you can easily build one up to the desired result. Also don't forget to purchase an eyebrow brush, so you blend the super soft formula of the powder for the most natural effect.

Are you going to a party or do you prefer a slightly more dramatic look then choose a NYX Cosmetics brow pomade or the pomade pencil. With the handy sharp point you draw a very precise line for contouring your eyebrows so that you can then fill it. A pomade has more pigment and makes your eyebrows shine immediately like never before.

Brows on Fleek with NYX Cosmetics

In addition to these few products, NYX Cosmetics also has very handy multifunctional tools, with which you can fill your eyebrows very precisely with the ultra-thin tip and then shape them well with a dual-ended brush and blend them well. These 2 in 1 tools are very useful when you travel. All NYX Cosmetics eyebrow products are intensely pigmented, remain smudge and waterproof all day long. NYX Cosmetics ensures that your eyebrows are always bleached.

Shop eyebrow products from NYX Cosmetics

Of course you want to get started right after reading the above! Good news, because you can buy the NYX Cosmetics assortment very easily and quickly at Boozyshop. The eyebrow products from NYX Cosmetics are known for their high quality for a cheap price. You read that right, NYX Cosmetics has a high quality but a budget-friendly price. Shop your NYX Cosmetics eyebrow products today before 8:00 PM. and tomorrow you can already enjoy your new makeup. Quickly click your new favorite eyebrow products in your shopping cart. Do you still need advice for choosing the right color? Talk to our professionals in the chat and we will gladly help you further.