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NEQI Face Covering 3 Set Black
NEQI Hand Soap Foam
NEQI Hand Cleansing Gel



Natives of the Earth for Quality and Innovation - NEQI is one of our new favorite brands and we are happy to tell you why! NEQI cosmetic products are made for a healthy daily life and contribute to a hygienic lifestyle. That's nice! In our range you will find, among other things, hand gel, hand soap and mouth-nose masks.

Good for all

Sustainability is a top priority at NEQI and that is why they produce products in a responsible manner. The ingredients that are used are good for people, animals and the environment, we love that! NEQI's products are animal-free and vegan.

Take care

We can no longer ignore it: daily life has changed considerably since the arrival of the Corona virus, which has made a hygienic lifestyle even more important. We all suffer from it: dry, rough hands from washing a lot. With the NEQI Hand Soap Foam you take care of your hands while you wash them! The added Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil provide intense hydration. Thanks to the unique, trendy foaming formula, you even need 45% less water, so you are also environmentally conscious! WIN WIN!

The advantages of NEQI at a glance

  • products contribute to a hygienic lifestyle
  • cruelty-free and vegan
  • NEQI strives for sustainable production
  • good for people, animals and the environment

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We at Boozyshop are very excited that the fantastic products from NEQI are now available from us! Do you have any questions about certain products, or are you unsure which product suits you best? Talk to us in the chat and we will be happy to help you!

The advantage of ordering NEQI at Boozyshop? For orders over 30 euros you can even choose a gift, isn't that nice ?! Happy shopping!