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Moon Mousse

Moon Mousse Magic Makeup Repair Kit

Moon Mousse

We all know it. Just when you are working with your favorite eyeshadow or highlighter, you accidentally knock it over. He clatters on the ground and your greatest fear has just become a reality; your favorite makeup is broken. Normally you would be very stressed, but you know that it is not necessary. You know Moon Mousse, the make-up fixer! Your favorite eyeshadow or highlighter does not go to make-up heaven, but it is completely whole with a few simple actions!

What about Moon Mousse?

Moon Mousse is the creation that originated from the brains of Barbara and Tess from Los Angeles - with dog Pico as moral support. With a good sense and a lot of perseverance they have developed Moon Mousse, the solution for broken make-up. Here everything has been thought, because this is the only way to save your make-up so far without it damaging your health. After a lot of research and testing, they finally have the best possible product on the market and that is noticeable, because nothing can beat Moon Mousse!

The American ladies are partly engaged in the development of Moon Mousse, on the other hand they try to find out how they can serve the market even better. All with the aim to ensure that broken make-up never has to be a problem!

Fix your broken makeup with Moon Mousse

In short, your broken make-up can easily be repaired with Moon Mousse! The package contains everything you need to save your make-up. If you follow the next step-by-step plan, you will certainly succeed !:

  1. Fold the broken pieces together.
  2. Use the presstool to push the powder together.
  3. Shake the foam and pump the foam onto the powder until the surface to be repaired is covered.
  4. Let it work overnight.
  5. Press the presetting tool again.

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