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MARR Cosmetics

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MARR Cosmetics Clear Gel
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MARR Cosmetics

MARR Cosmetics

Bring Hollywood into your home with the new eyebrow products from MARR Cosmetics! From eyebrow soap to pencils and from serum to gel: at MARR you will find everything to make your brows on fleek. MARR Cosmetics was founded in 2018 by the Dutch Marjolein Verhart from Rozenburg and since then her cosmetics have become indispensable!

Known from...

Does the name MARR Cosmetics sound familiar to you? That may add up! Celebrities such as Jamie Vaes are big fans of eyebrow products and that is of course not without reason. MARR cosmetics are also regularly featured in well-known magazines such as the Story, Grazia, Glamor and Wendy.

Brow Soap

For a while this trend has become completely hip again, but we sometimes say: trends come and go. And so with the Soap Brows! In the 1960s, women used plain old-fashioned soap to style their eyebrows. Makeup brushes didn't exist then either, so they used a toothbrush. You can hardly imagine that now, can you? Fortunately, nowadays special soaps have been developed for your eyebrows, which give you those fantastic laminated brows .

Grow Serum

Do you dream of long, full eyelashes and eyebrows, but is it just a dream ...? Time to wake up and get started! With the MARR Cosmetics Grow Serum, your eyelashes and eyebrows become significantly thicker and longer in just six to eight weeks. Apply a layer of oil every night and your lashes will grow like heads. The before and after pictures are bizarre, you want this!

You can order MARR Cosmetics online at Boozyshop

Time to take your brow game to the next level! If you have any doubts about which product is right for you, be sure to contact our experts via the live chat. We are happy to help you make the right choice!

For orders over € 30 you can choose a free gift and if you order for more than € 35, your order will be delivered to your home for free! If you do all this before 8 p.m., the delivery person will be on the doorstep tomorrow with your pink box. Are these not enough reasons to order MARR Cosmetics !?