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Marley's Shampoo Flakes Beer & Incense
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Marley's Shampoo Flakes

Make a difference in your bathroom with the innovative shampoo from Marley's! You buy this shampoo in flakes, which you can then use to make liquid shampoo at home. And that is not difficult at all: you just need to add boiling water & be patient for a few hours. That's it!

Marley's for you & the environment

Marley's believes in a world of products in which only the essential ingredients are used. This way the products are good for you, but also for the environment. Just think of all those plastic shampoo bottles that you can save by using shampoo flakes from Marley's: there are many!

Marley's three goals

Marley's produces its shampoo flakes with three goals in mind: reducing water transport, reducing single-use plastic and using only natural ingredients. Doesn't that sound like music to your ears !?

Did you know that shampoo nowadays consists of 80% water? That's why Marley's produces the shampoo in flakes, because nowadays almost everyone has running water from the tap. Why would we run trucks full of water when you can add it to your shampoo at home?

With the reusable shampoo bottle from Marley's you can easily make and store your shampoo at home and you counteract the consumption of single-use plastic, yes!

Marley's shampoo is for everyone

Whether you suffer from dry or oily hair: Marley's got your back. The surprisingly scented shampoos clean and care for your hair in a mild but effective way. Do you quickly suffer from oily hair roots? Then try the Marley's Shampoo Flakes Eucalyptus & Green Clay. The exciting version with Beer & Frankincense is suitable for dry hair, definitely worth it!

You can order Marley's online at Boozyshop

Do you see that you don't have to hesitate !? Order your plastic-free shower experience now before 8:00 PM, then you will receive your new products the next day! For orders over € 35, you do not have to pay shipping costs and if you spend more than € 30, you can also choose a free gift at checkout, woohooo! Are these not enough reasons to order shampoo flakes from Marley's NOW? We thought so!