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Makeup Studio Concealer

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Makeup Studio Concealer

Makeup Studio Concealer

Say goodbye to imperfections and dark circles! The Makeup Studio Concealers give you the perfect coverage and do not shy away from any problem. Whatever problems you have with your skin, Makeup Studio has an answer. Makeup Studio has as a mission to create the perfect makeup for everyone, so you can count on a final result that will make you addicted!

Discover the Makeup Studio Concealer now

Do you want to be able to enjoy a look without imperfections all day long? Then with the Makeup Studio concealers you get the perfect weapon to tackle this problem! The Makeup Studio concealers deal with all possible imperfections. The full coverage formula ensures that imperfections fade like snow in the sun! And that all day long, because the formula is also long lasting. How nice is that!

A smooth complexion with the Makup Studio Compact Neutralizer

Who does not know it; those irritating red spots on your skin or the blue, dark circles under your eyes that you can not get rid of. We hate it. But since Makeup Studio released the Compact Neutralizer series, we are no longer worried! These concealers namely neutralize the irregularities, for a perfect end result. They are available in Red versions (to neutralize redness) and Blue (to battle with blue edges). The red variant contains green pigments and orange pigments are used in the blue variant. In addition, the Compact Neutralizers are available in multiple shades, so you can always find your perfect match within the assortment!

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Say hello to even skin! With the Makeup Studio concealers you lay the perfect foundation for every make-up look. Can not you wait until you have him in the house? What is great is that when you order for more than € 30, you get a free gift from us! Shop quickly your Makeup Studio concealer and all other beauty essentials at Boozyshop!