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Makeup Studio

Makeup Studio Fluid Liner Sparkling Black
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Makeup Studio

What about Makeup Studio?

Makeup Studio was founded in Amsterdam in 1980 by one of the first make-up artists in the world. Amsterdam is the city of art, tolerance and diversity. These are also the three core values ​​of the Makeup Studio brand. Makeup Studio is about discovering your unique personality, regardless of age, nationality or gender, by unraveling the art of professional make-up. It's about more than just high-quality products: the mission of Makeup Studio is to encourage you to explore and use make-up in different ways. The product line is designed to help people mix, match and blend a wide range of textures and colors to create that perfect look. Makeup Studio wants you to experience and embrace the art of make-up and showcase your unique personality!

With these tips of make-up make-up artists you create the perfect look

  • When you apply make-up, it is important to always look at the overall picture. That way you create that beautiful, well-groomed look that is completely in balance.
  • When you apply concealer you can try to bend your head forward. This way you can clearly see where the shadow falls. Now you know exactly where your product can best be applied!
  • Are you incredibly tired and do you also look tired? Do not worry! Apply a nice sparkle in the corner of your eyes. So you look much fresher.
  • If you want to make narrow eyebrows wider, it is best to use a light blond eye pencil. This way your gaze becomes less strict.
  • Before applying eye makeup apply foundation and powder to the eyelids first. This way your make-up stays longer and this ensures an easier color distribution.
  • Apply lip gloss to the middle of the lower lips, now your lips immediately seem a lot fuller!

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