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Lunar Beauty

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Lunar Beauty Moon Spell Vol. 2 Color Palette
Lunar Beauty Moon Prism Blush Palette
Lunar Beauty Hallow's Eve Liquid Lipstick
€16,95 €11,95
Lunar Beauty Coven Lip Gloss

Lunar Beauty

Proud to be inclusive, innovative and bold.

Lunar Beauty is the brand of Youtube and Instagram star Manny MUA. Manny thought it was important to set up a cosmetics line that is aimed at men, women and everyone in between. The result? Lunar Beauty! Lunar Beauty is focused on being a pioneer in their field and is committed to discovering and offering the latest trends.

I'm shook!

One of the catch phrases from Manny Mua is 'I'm shook' and let us tell you this; We're shook too! The pigment of the Lunar Beauty products is amazing. Whether you choose the amazing highlighters or one of the beautiful palettes, these products really have a wow factor!

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