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Loving Tan

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Loving Tan 2Hr. Express Mousse Dark
Loving Tan Deluxe Face Tan Dark
Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Ultra Dark
Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Dark
Loving Tan Deluxe Gradual Tan Dark
Loving Tan 2Hr. Express Mousse Medium
Loving Tan Luminous Cream Dark
Loving Tan Deluxe Gradual Tan Medium
Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Medium
Loving Tan Luminous Cream Ultra Dark
Loving Tan Deluxe Applicator Mitt
Loving Tan Deluxe Gradual Tan Light
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Loving Tan Deluxe Face Tan Medium
Loving Tan Tan Removing & Skin Polishing Glove
Loving Tan Easy to Reach Back Applicator

Loving Tan

What about Loving Tan?

Loving Tan takes the self-tanning seriously seriously. They wondered why nobody had made a self-tanning machine that was super easy to apply and with which a beautiful golden-brown color was created. They were assured that more women were frustrated about this. This is how the mission of Loving Tan came about, to develop a self-tanner that you can easily apply at home with just one layer. It was the dream to develop a self-tanner that:

  • Easy to apply at home
  • Contains a color guide
  • Only required one layer
  • Natural brown look

Not only the color comes first at Loving Tan, but also the quality of the ingredients. The brand has ensured that the products are all natural and hydrate on the skin (leaving the tan longer). No matter how little time you have, with Loving Tan it is so easy to get a natural glow in just one layer. Tanning is the passion of the brand and therefore they only sell products that they would use themselves.

Create a golden brown glow with just one layer with Loving Tan

Loving Tan gives you a natural, sexy tan within minutes. The Loving Tan formula instantly creates a beautiful tan, while the color develops into a deep, dark tan within eight hours. In addition, the self-tanner dries very quickly and smells wonderfully. We have some useful tips for you for the use of Loving Tan products!

Tips before tanning with Loving Tan

  • Shave and scrub your skin at least 24 hours before you get started with self tanner. This ensures an even shade.
  • Make sure you have enough time to apply your tan and for the tan to develop, whether in your daily routine or for a special occasion. It takes about fifteen minutes to apply the self tanner. It is advisable to apply the self tanner one to two days before a special occasion. So you also have the opportunity to apply an extra layer, if necessary. When you are experienced in applying self tanner, you can apply a second layer ten minutes after the first layer has been applied.
  • Provide the necessary goodies. Examples are a moisturizer, Loving Tan Applicator Mitt for an even tan and your hands do not come under the stains and of course a Loving Tan self-tanning product.
  • Apply the self tanner for a mirror with natural or bright light, so you do not miss any spots. It is also useful to use a bath, chair or toilet to put your leg on when applying the self-tanner.

Tips while tanning with Loving Tan

  • Make sure that your entire body is evenly covered with the self tanner. This ensures that the active ingredients are evenly distributed over your body to develop a beautiful golden brown skin.
  • Do not forget to lift your arms in front of the mirror. Remember that you should always check your arms and other parts of the body in front of the mirror. Places under the arms and at the bottom are quickly forgotten.
  • Speed up the drying time. Standing under a fan or air conditioner helps to speed up the drying time.
  • Wear loose and dark clothing. For a natural look, it is best to avoid tight clothing during the development time of the tan.
  • The longer you leave the self-tanner on the skin, the darker the color. How long the active ingredients stay on your skin, the darker your skin will become. It is advisable to leave the Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse on the skin for eight hours. The Loving Tan 2 Hr Express only two hours.
  • Do not rinse the self tanner with soap. It is advisable to rinse off the excess self tanner in the shower with your hands. This ensures that the active ingredient is evenly distributed and is not scrubbed.
  • Carefully dry yourself. This way you prevent your tan from being sanded off.

Tips after tanning with Loving Tan

  • Use a daily moisturizer (moisturizer). This keeps your skin brown for longer.
  • Avoid swimming pools. When you want to swim in a swimming pool, the chlorinated water will rinse the brown complexion away from your skin, since chlorine will make your tan fade faster.
  • Avoid excessive sweating. Because of sweat, the brown color goes faster, especially on the inside of your arms and the back of your knees.
  • A good way to make your self tan look look more natural is to apply bronzer in your neck and décolleté. This gives a more natural look and ensures a smooth transition.
  • Correct stripes. To correct stripes or mistakes you can fill any gaps. When you are in a hurry, you can apply bronzer.

You can buy Loving Tan at Boozyshop!

Loving Tan understands that women want a nice sunkissed look. Loving Tan products are ideal when you have little time and want to quickly create that brown look. With these responsible products you have a brown glow in no time that can be created with a few useful tips. So do not wait any longer and order a self tan product today at Boozyshop! So your skin is summerproof in no time!