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LastSwab Basic Sea Turtle Green
LastSwab Basic Dolphin Turquoise
LastSwab Basic Krill Peach
LastSwab Basic Penguin Black
LastSwab Basic Sea Fan Red
LastSwab Beauty Krill Peach
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LastSwab Beauty Sea Fan Red
LastSwab Beauty Penguin Black


Silicone swabs from LastSwab

LastSwab is a brand that is set up for a better environment. 3 Danish researchers looked at a list of the main causes of plastic pollution in the sea. The cotton bud is very high on that list, and the researchers were shocked. Such a small product with such a big influence on the plastic soup something has to be done about it.

There is no Planet B

LastSwab is a brand that focuses on a better climate. With the motto '' no planet B '' this motto is very strong because there is of course no second earth. That is why we must work together to ensure that the large plastic soup does not expand any more. LastSwab helps you to take a step forward with this.

LastSwab swabs

The LastSwab cotton swab is a cotton swab with a silicone tip. You may have to get used to this idea, but when you buy this cotton swab, you will never have to buy new cotton swabs throughout your life. Thanks to the silicone tip you can rinse the cotton swab super easily with soap and water. Furthermore, this cotton swab comes with a very handy and super fun storage cover made of biodegradable plastic.

2 different cotton buds: Basic & Beauty

Within the LastSwab cotton buds you have 2 different types of cotton buds. The basic with the knobby head with which you can easily and quickly clean your ears. And the beauty has a somewhat pointed head, ideal for removing or updating makeup.

LastSwab swabs = a great alternative

These cotton buds are ideal as an alternative to the standard cotton buds. Use cotton swabs daily and also absolutely throw them away after 1 use, maybe you recognize yourself in this or people in your area. So choose a LastSwab swab in your favorite color.

Order a LastSwab swab from Boozyshop

It is clear that LastSwab swabs are a good alternative to the standard disposable swabs. So don't wait any longer and contribute to a cleaner world.f you order for 30 euros or more, you can also choose a nice gift. If you have any questions or need advice, you can always go to one of our experts in the live chat.