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LA Colors Lipstick

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LA Colors Lipstick

LA Colors is a pro in lipsticks

Silk soft, radiant lips is exactly the result you achieve with the LA Colors lipsticks. You know, of course, that LA Colors is an expert in colors. But the beautiful shades of the lipsticks is not the only thing that is worthy of it! LA Colors is also clearly a pro when it comes to most shiny finishes and intense moisturizing formulas.

Is your favorite color available at Boozyshop?

The lipsticks from LA Colors are available online at Boozyshop in many different shades. Choose sexy red for a night out with friends or that exciting date and go for perfect nude during a day at the office. But that is not all! Take a quick look at Boozyshop's assortment to spot your favorite color.

From a subtle glow to a unique effect

The LA Colors lipsticks are very easy and super convenient to apply. For a subtle glow on your lips, just put the lipstick on or create a unique effect by applying it to one of your other favorite lipsticks. No matter how you wear your LA Colors lipsticks, you apply them effortlessly on your lips and the color will stay beautiful all day long. They are long lasting and moisturizing, two fantastic features that each lipstick of LA Colors contains.

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