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LA Colors Eyeshadow

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Skin Color
Eye Color
LA Colors Eyeshadow Palette Vivid
€9,95 €6,95
LA Colors Party Eyeshadow Palette After Party
€8,95 €6,95
LA Colors Party Eyeshadow Palette Invite Only
€8,95 €6,95
LA Colors Eyeshadow Palette Bare
€9,95 €6,95
LA Colors Color Block Eyeshadow Palette Nude
LA Colors Gelly Glam Metallic Eye Color Rock Star
€4,95 €1,95
LA Colors Eyeshadow Palette Holographic
€6,95 €4,95
LA Colors 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette Haute
LA Colors Color Block Eyeshadow Palette Cool
€4,95 €3,49

LA Colors Eyeshadow

LA Colors = all about color

From eye shadow palettes with the most beautiful shades to glitter pigments to shine the night away! LA Colors has beautiful, different eyeshadows. If you like color, you are at the right address because as the name suggests, LA Colors is all about color! The expert in colors will surprise you with breathtakingly beautiful bright colors, but also the perfect base colors are beautiful. Wondering if LA Colors is the brand for you? Take a quick look at Boozyshop's range!

Promising eyeshadows from LA Colors

LA Colors eyeshadows are of the best quality and therefore contain all the qualities that are important;  long-lasting, highly pigmented, easy to apply, perfect to blend and suitable for everyone. Sounds promising right? Fortunately, LA Colors truly lives up to these great promises! You are probably thinking, such fantastic eyeshadows must be expensive ... Think again! At Boozyshop you shop LA Colors for a very competitive price.

Mega versatile and therefore perfect for everyone

With the eyeshadows of LA Colors you can easily create any make-up look; from neutral and basic to glamor and dramatic. It's all yours! LA Colors eyeshadow collection is very versatile and therefore perfect for everyone. For a soft eye look with perfect nude or subtle shades of gray to go to the office and get ready for a party with LA Colors her radiant glitter pigments. Shine less? Then choose an eyeshadow with a shimmer finish for a subtle glow. But if you do not like glitter at all, LA Colors also has the perfect eyeshadow for you; an eye shadow with a matte finish! And of course you can shop all colors at Boozyshop.