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KimChi Chic Beauty

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KimChi Chic Beauty x Ketnipz Rainbow Sharts Palette
KimChi Chic Beauty Diamond Sharts
KimChi Chic Beauty High Key Gloss
KimChi Chic Beauty Mirror LED Mint
KimChi Chic Beauty Mirror LED Lavender
KimChi Chic Beauty Sharpener

KimChi Chic Beauty

I am a Halloween Queen!

She is now known to all of us; Kimchi. This dragqueen became known worldwide for her participation in RuPaul's Dragrace. KimChi's first time in Drag was during Halloween when she was 25 years old. And call it destiny or coincidence, she was booked for a show the same evening. That night she found her passion. She quickly realized that Drag was the medium in which she could combine her love and knowledge for art, paints, fashion and photography.

I believe your face is a canvas to create art

Whether you go for a subtle look or something extravagant, makeup can change the way you look at yourself. KimChi says that with the right face on, she feels confident and unbeatable. From the first time in Drag to where KimChi is now, a great journey of self-discovery has been. A journey that led to this beautiful makeup brand; KimChi Chic Beauty!

KimChi Chic Beauty by KimChi

It has always been KimChi's dream to make fun products that are not only budget-proof, but also of good quality. And we succeeded, not only are the names of the products hilarious, they are highly pigmented, easily blendable and perhaps most importantly not expensive. Whether you want to make a neutral look or go for a glitter rainbow, unicorn look, KimChi Chic Beauty has got you covered!

Buy makeup and support a good cause

KimChi has long been an advocate of the LGBTQ community and a big fan of the work of the Trevor Foundation. This body is an American non-profit organization that is committed to preventing suicide among LGBTQ youth. KimChi Chic Beauty donates part of their sales proceeds to this beautiful goal and supports the mission to end suicide at LGBTQ youth.

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