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I Heart Chocolate Makeup Palettes

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I Heart Revolution Mini Chocolate Vault
€29,95 €14,95
I Heart Revolution Vending Machine
€59,95 €39,95
I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange Palette
I Heart Revolution Chocolate Heart
€49,95 €19,95
I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate Palette
I Heart Revolution Cherry Chocolate Palette
€10,95 €7,95

I Heart Chocolate Makeup Palettes

Chocolate palettes that taste like more

#dupealert! The chocolate bar palettes from I Heart Makeup. The perfect chocolate bar that is also not expensive! Free from calories and sugar, but with that delicious smell, creamy texture and guarantee for the most beautiful eye looks. The palette contains 16 colors of eyeshadow, two of which have the format of a double eyeshadow. Enough to choose from!

A wide choice for the perfect eye look

The eyeshadows are beautiful, good and not expensive! They apply intensely and blend easily. You can apply them best with one of our eyeshadow brushes or eyeshadow brushes sets! There is no less than a choice of 8 pallets, each of which is also very versatile. From palettes with soft and light cool colors, neutral colors to palettes with dark colors and warm tones.