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HeatlessCurls Midnight Black
€29,95 €22,49


Siham founded HeatlessCurls in 2020 in the Netherlands but already has a worldwide reach! From an early age Siham was very interested in curls and so she experimented with curling irons, shampoos, mouses and other tools. The products did their job but unfortunately also damaged her hair and that's exactly what nobody wants! Siham went to investigate and came up with HeatlessCurls!


Want to curl your hair without damaging it? Then HeatlessCurls is for you! HeatlessCurls are made with the finest and best satin you can find and will not damage your hair! Satin also gives your hair a shiny boost so that your hair no longer looks dull. The handy sets of HeatlessCurls consist of 1 satin ribbon, 2 satin scrunchies and 1 hair clip. In addition, you can choose between Milkshake Pink or Midnight Black, at least you will get super beautiful curls in a very fancy way!

Due to the ultra soft fabric, you hardly feel the ribbon and you can therefore also sleep ideally with it. Going to bed with straight hair and waking up with curls, who wouldn't want that?!

Go for beautiful shiny curls with the HeatlessCurls!

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After reading the above you have become a fan of HeatlessCurls. We get it! Order your tool from HeatlessCurls at Boozyshop now! If you have any questions, be sure to contact our experts via live chat. We are happy to help you make the right choice!