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Glamlite Cosmetics

Eye Color
Glamlite Pizza Eyeshadow Palette
Glamlite Miracle Eyeshadow Palette
Glamlite Hamburger Eyeshadow Palette
Glamlite AlondraDessy Palette
Sold out
Glamlite Paint Eyeshadow Palette
Glamlite Paint Lips Matte Liquid Lipstick
Glamlite Margherita Pizza Lashes
Glamlite Paint Lashes Yellow
€13,95 €9,95
Glamlite Taco Eyeshadow Palette
Glamlite Royalty Eyeshadow Palette
Glamlite Diamond Luminizer Loose Powder Let It Gold
Glamlite Pizza Slice Eyeshadow Palette Veggie Lover's
Glamlite Pizza Slice Eyeshadow Palette Meat Lover's
Glamlite Taco Lashes Al Pastor
Glamlite Concha Lips Liquid Lipstick
Glamlite Diamond Luminizer Loose Powder Sex On The Peach
Glamlite Margarita Lashes Presidente
Glamlite Burger Lashes Bacon Cheeseburger
Glamlite Burger Lashes Double Cheeseburger
Glamlite Michelada Lashes Fiesta
Glamlite Fry-Lashes
Glamlite Kaliente Eyeshadow Palette
Glamlite Calligrapher Eyeliner
Glamlite Caribbean Glow Body Bling Body Luminizer

Glamlite Cosmetics

What about Glamlite?

Glamlite was designed and created by Gisselle Hernandez. Gisselle was born in the Dominican republic and grew up in Brooklyn New York. And what is New York famous for? Right Pizza! And let this be the favorite dish of Gisselle. Her passion for pizza has brought her to all major cities in America to find the best pizzeria. In her student days she ate pizza at least 3 times a week because of its affordability and because it is easy and fast. A year ago Gisselle came up with the idea of combining her two biggest passions, pizza and .. Makeup. Say hello to the super popular Pizza palette!

It's okay to be yourself and embrace the things you love!

That is the message that Gisselle wants to convey with the Pizza palette. Gisselle had struggled with her weight her entire life and has always felt left out in an industry that emphasizes perfection. The palette was a way for her to tell everyone that it's okay to be imperfect, do what makes you feel good!

Glamlite products are a must

Of course the Pizza palette is not the only product of this beautiful brand. In addition to the highly pigmented and easily blendable eye shadow palettes, you will also find beautiful eyeliner, body luminizers, highlighters and tools in the Glamlite range.

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