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Face Halo

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Face Halo

The story of Face Halo

Bundle the strengths of two people, each with their own values ​​and you develop a great product: Face Halo! One of these two people is Bec, she is always looking for a solution to make annoying tasks easier and more efficient. And then we have Lizzy, she has years of experience in microfibre technology. The result of these two passionate ladies together is fascinating: makeup remover pads that make removing your make up very easy!

Is it really so easy?

Do you also remove you make up in the evening with all kinds of different make up removers and facial cleansing products to cleanse your face and remove your make up? This can become quite a mess, all those bottles, cotton pads etc. And then we didn't talk about all the steps you have to follow. Everything can be done so much easier with Face Halo make up remover pads! You take a pad, moisten it with cold or warm water and the super fine microfibers do the job. No more chemicals to remove your make up. Simply a Face Halo pad and water, how easy can it be?! And do not forget this method is very environmentally friendly as well! Clean the used pad with a little with soap and water and then put into the wash. Your makeup remover pad is ready for use again. What makes it even more attractive is that each pad can be used up to 200 times! We love this!

To good to be true!

That's exactly what we thought when we heard this! Can it hardly be that easy? It is! These pads attract make up and dirt as magnets. Moisturizing the pads will, as it were, soak your make up, while the superfine fibers cleanse your pores. You will get a fresh and healthy glow again and that in just half the time of your 'normal' cleansing routine.
Do you have doubts whether you skin is really clean, turn the pad around and use the other side to make sure that all make up is removed. Believe us, you will be amazed!

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