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Eylure false eyelashes and eyelash glue are popular among celebrities for good reason! You can now also experience the unique quality of Eylure false eyelashes!
Eylure 18h Lash Glue Clear
Eylure 18h Lash Glue Black


Eylure, popular false eyelashes as used by celebrities

If you like to use false or fake eyelashes for a great party or want to go out at the weekend, you naturally want to be certain of the quality of these eyelashes. Opting for Eylure eyelashes is always interesting. Eylure is known as being a very reliable brand and offers a wide range of the best false eyelashes. You will also notice that the price is very reasonable which means that young ladies on a more limited budget will be able to use the false eyelashes and eyelash glue of Eylure!

Eylure, the preferred choice of celebrities

Celebrities need to look good every moment of the day, even more so than you and me, as they never know when they will be photographed. When real stars such as Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Nicole Kidman opt for Eylure false eyelashes, you can rest assured that you receive the best quality possible. Moreover, purchasing this quality will not cost the bank, on the contrary. You can purchase brand new false eyelashes from Eylure at competitive prices whilst counting on their excellent quality.

Use your Eylure false eyelashes more than once!

The Eylure false eyelashes are made of real hair. This means that you can use them more than once. Moreover, the use of real hair in the Eylure false eyelashes means that you can always count on an absolute top quality. You can also purchase a suitable eyelash glue with your Eylure false eyelashes, so you can immediately use them. Purchasing both Eylure articles means that you gain a financial benefit and can realise your ideal look even simpler and cheaper!

Great variety of Eylure false eyelashes

They first thing you will notice when you see Eylure false eyelashes in the Boozyshop is that there are many different versions. You can, for example, opt for Eylure False Eyelashes - Volume 070, or the Volume 100 version. Or maybe you like to opt for a complete Eylure kit? That is also possible. The Eylure False Eyelashes - Starter Kit 101 makes sure that you immediately have what you need to apply false eyelashes perfectly.

Discover the Eylure eyelash curler

If you want to realise a certain, special look for your eyes which require curled eyelashes, no problem! Eylure also offers a very interesting and handy eyelash curler. This eyelash curler is easy to use, high-quality and can ensure that your eyelashes are exactly shaped to your liking within seconds. Add to this the competitive price the Eylure brand is known for, and you need no more reasons to order this great eyelash curler in the Boozyshop!

Order your Eylure beauty products in the Boozyshop!

When you want to realise false eyelashes you can rest assured that selecting products from the Eylure product range is always a good choice. Not only will you have very beautiful, high-quality false eyelashes made of real hair, but you will also have reliable and safe eyelash glue. Boozyshop also likes to throw in a couple of extra benefits. Ordering your Eylure products with us not only means that you receive a free gift if you order for more than 30 euro; if your order amounts to 100 euro or more, you pay no delivery costs! These are all very good reasons to obtain your Eylure articles here at the Boozyshop!