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Crown Brush

Eye Color
Crown Brush 35 Color Smoke it Out Too Palette
€24,95 €17,49

Crown Brush

Oh my, have you already discovered Crown Crown's beautiful eyeshadow palettes? If not, a world will open up for you! Crown Brush is best known for the make-up brushes, but the palettes certainly do not compromise when it comes to quality. Discover Crown Brush now at Boozyshop!

What about Crown Brush?

Crown Brush has been around for 35 years. The brand originated as a manufacturer of make-up brushes, but lately has eyeshadow palettes in their assortment, And what kind of palettes! The highly pigmented eyeshadows are all commendable. And what about the selection per pallet? The eyeshadows in the palettes are carefully selected, so that all colors match up perfectly. In other words: Crown Brush is a brand to keep an eye on!

Crown Brush palettes

Crown Brush offers a whole range of eyeshadow palettes. This means there is always an eyeshadow palette that perfectly matches your wishes and personal style. You can also use different palettes with each palette, so that you can create countless eye looks with one palette. This way you get real value for money !! Every palette of Crown Brush is a gem, and all these gems are available for you at Boozyshop!

Crown Brush eyeshadows

Crown Brush offers high-quality eyeshadows. Not only is the range incredibly varied; Crown Brush eyeshadows are also super pigmented !!! This allows you to create very intense eye looks without having to use a lot of product. So you can do longer with your favorite Crown Brush palette!

Shop now Crown Brush at Boozyshop!

Can not you wait until you can get started with the Crown Brush eyeshadow palettes? Order them quickly at Boozyshop! Did you know that if you order for more than € 30, wou will get a free gift! How nice is that! So order Crown Brush and Boozyshop now, so you can get started with the Crown Brush eyeshadow palettes as soon as possible!