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Collosol Eau de Lait
Collosol Eau de Lait
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Collosol a brand that was founded in the 1950s in beautiful Paris. Celebrities at the time were often looking for an exceptional product that caused make-up to be removed from the skin. Collosol wanted to help everyone and therefore came up with the Collosol Eau de Lait product.

Eau de Lait from Collosol

Collosol, inspired by ancient beauty rituals, gives the skin clarity and can be used on the face, body or in the bath. Of course the delicious products from Collosol are free from parabens and cruelty free

They are mainly known for their cleansing milk. You can use the product in three ways, namely to clean your make-up, to clean your body, but you can also add it to your bath water.

Clean your body

When you use it as a makeup cleaner it removes your makeup and makes your skin soft, this also applies to your body. Your face skin and body become silky soft and gives a fresh feeling! If you prefer an extra luxurious feeling, add a little eau de lait to your bath water. In addition to ultimate relaxation, your skin will be silky smooth and will shine like never before.

Add collosol to your routine

How do you use these products? Apply a small amount of this liquid to a cotton pad and gently rub your entire face. You will notice that your excess makeup is attracted like a magnet. Enjoy your fresh and radiant skin and don't forget to repeat this every morning and evening before bedtime.

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