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Clay And Glow

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Clay And Glow Pink Clay Mask 65 gr.
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Clay And Glow Hydrating Moisturizer
Clay And Glow Vitamine C Serum
Clay And Glow Straw Jelly Cleanser
Clay And Glow Hyaluronic Acid Toner
Clay And Glow Lip Scrub Berry Tasty
Clay And Glow Cooling Eye Cream
Clay And Glow Exfoliating Face Scrub

Clay And Glow

Clay and Glow at Boozyshop

Clay and Glow is a brand that focuses on your skin instead of just sales. Be the beauty expert of your own skin and find out what best fits your skin. You do this by giving yourself some me-time with a wonderful mask that is also good for your skin. The first goal of Clay and Glow is that we have to think more about ourselves. Give yourself something extra and buy a gift for yourself. Put on your favorite music, burn that wonderful candle that has been in the closet for a long time and switch off your phone: now it's ME-TIME!

If someone deserves it after all that running around, keeping everyone happy and keeping all the balls in the air, now is the time for you! Relax! Allow yourself some relaxation time with the Clay and Glow clay mask. When you have applied this mask, they force you to relax for at least 10 minutes so that the mask can do its work properly. Delicious that extra free time so that your skin gets a beautiful glow-up.

Pink and Clay Mask, effective effect

The first product that Clay and Glow has released is a Pink Clay Mask. A pink face mask that focuses entirely on a fast glow-up, an effective 10-minute mask that works.

Get a soft and clean skin within 10 minutes so that your skin has smaller and visibly lesser pores. The mask provides a cleansing and detoxifying effect and ensures that acne, scars or red skin disappear like snow in the sun. And you don't have to make your fingers dirty for this, because you will receive a free matching brush with your order that makes applying this pink clay mask a simple job. You will notice that after use your skin has a natural glow, reduces red skin and that bumps under the skin are visibly reduced.

The pink clay mask

The Clay and Glow mask contains only ingredients that we know and understand and do wonders for our skin. This mask contains Aloe Vera, Acai Berry and Black Quinoa. Clay and Glow is a brand to our heart, because they are 100% vegan and cruelty free. After a lot of research and development, after 9 months there was a great product that works wonders for your skin.

Pink and Glow Reviews

Curious about experiences with the Pink Clay and Glow mask? Read the reviews of our customers under the product and be convinced. You can buy the Clay and Glow products easily and quickly at Boozyshop. The Pink Clay Mask is sent for free and you can choose a gift during the checkout process. Are you going for the 2.50 discount or would you prefer a free make-up brush?

Wondering if this Clay and Glow is suitable for you? Talk to us in the chat and our professionals will gladly help you further.

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After reading this information, you naturally became curious and would also like to buy this wonderful mask at Boozyshop. In that case you can always count on some additional interesting benefits. So you will order Clay and Glow before 8:00 pm. Placed will be sent the same day so that it will be delivered to your home the next working day. Quickly click your new favorite pink face mask in your shopping cart at Boozyshop and enjoy a wonderful glowy skin tomorrow.