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Do you have to lie in the sun for hours to get a little tan, and do you still burn? All very known issues. But the solution is very simple. By using the B.tan self-tanners you can have a beautiful tan. The great thing about this self-tanner is that you can not only use it in the summer, it also comes in very handy in the winter! So you don't have to walk around with white legs for a single winter. The sun always shines with B.tan!

About B.tan

All B.tan products are 100% vegan and contain active vegetable ingredients that make you and your skin shine. It is important that you take care of your skin with love, which is why B.tan products contain absolutely no annoying added products that can irritate your skin. B.tan loves animals and will never test on them. They are proud to say that all products are animal testing free and vegan.

The range of B.tan at Boozyshop

The range of B.tan at Boozyshop is enormous. B.tan has many self tanning products and accessories that you need for a streak-free result. We sell the B.tan in different shades so that there is always a shade that matches your current skin tone. There are also different types of self-tanners, including lotions and tanning foams. But in addition to the great self-tanners, B.tan also has other handy tools that help you apply the self-tanner. For example, the self tanning eraser that helps you to remove the color again. A tanning mitt with which you can easily spread the self-tanner without contaminating your hands and nails. Thanks to B.tan you shine, all and every day!

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Are you convinced and can't wait to purchase your B.tan products? Ordering at Boozyshop has a number of nice advantages! So if you spend 30 euros or more, you will receive a nice free gift of your choice with your order! Do not wait any longer and order your favorite B.tan products at Boozyshop quickly. Do you have any questions or need advice about the products? Then you can always contact one of our experts in the live chat!