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Browly Soap Booster Transparent
€17,95 €8,95
Browly Soap Booster Brown
Browly Soap Booster Brown
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Oh, yes: Browly is one of our new brands, with which you create the eyebrows of your dreams! They say that eyebrows are the crown of your face, so it's time to give that some thought. Let's go!

Browsoap, what is that?

For a while this trend has become completely hip again, but we sometimes say: trends come and go. And so with the Soap Brows! In the 1960s, women used plain old-fashioned soap to style their eyebrows. Makeup brushes didn't exist then either, so they used a toothbrush. You can hardly imagine that now, can you? Fortunately, Browly has developed special Soap Boosters for your eyebrows, which give you those fantastic laminated brows and ensure that your eyebrows remain unbleached all day long.

Laminated Brows: how do you do that?

You open Instagram and there you can already see them: those perfect, thick and beautifully shaped eyebrows. Those are laminated brows! You can make those fleeky brows with your favorite eyebrow pencil and of course ... eyebrow soap!

If you naturally don't have that many hairs on your eyebrows, you can first draw lines with a pencil, so that you create the illusion of full eyebrows. Then it's time to soap your eyebrows!

Moisten your eyebrow spoolie, for example with a setting spray. But water also works fine! You can also try to moisten the soap, it is just what you prefer. Then take some soap on your spoolie and apply it to your eyebrows in a brushing motion. Comb the hair at an angle for the real feather brows effect. Bet you keep looking in the mirror at your fantastic eyebrows all day long? And all that with a box of eyebrow soap!

Browly Soap Boosters

Extra handy with the Browsoaps from Browly is that it is available in two colors: transparent and brown. You can use both for any hair color, it just depends on what you like best. The brown Soap Brow gives off a subtle effect, making any bald spots in your eyebrows less noticeable. The eyebrow soap does not leave a sticky layer, does not flake and is really transparent: you do not suffer from a gray glow!

Order Browly online at Boozyshop

We understand all too well that after reading the above text, you want to get started right away with your tips! Fortunately, your order will be shipped today, if you order before 20:00. If you order for more than € 35, your pink package will even be sent to you for free. The next working day you can enjoy your Browly tools and ... for orders over € 30, you can also choose a free gift, yes! Are these not enough reasons to buy Browly Soap Boosters now !?