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Boozyshop Makeup Sponges

You can easily order Boozyshop Makeup Sponges online at Boozyshop, the makeup webshop!
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Boozyshop Blending Sponge
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Boozyshop Makeup Sponges

The blender makeup sponge from Boozyshop

The use of a make-up sponge is ideal for applying your make-up. Besides that a sponge feels super soft, you can easily apply the most diverse make-up with it. Thanks to the high quality, the Boozy sponge gives a beautiful result, making this sponge a real must-have.

A versatile tool

A Boozyshop sponge is not only suitable for the perfect application of your foundation. You can also use the sponge to contour and apply product around the nose and eyes. With the sponge you not only achieve a smooth result, but you can easily apply all your favorite basics.

Boozyshop Blending sponge

The Boozyshop blending sponge is a soft sponge that is ideal for applying your concealer and foundation. By wetting the sponge before use, you ensure that not too much of the product is absorbed. You use this sponge by using the pointed side for the places where you can reach it less easily. You can use the rounded side to apply your blush or foundation to the larger areas of your face.

Boozyshop Precision Sponge

The Boozyshop precision sponge ensures that you can apply and blend your make-up flawlessly. The unique shape allows you to work very accurately. Also use this sponge for applying powder products.

Maintain make-up sponge

It is very important to regularly clean your makeup sponge. In addition, it is important to always keep the sponge in a well-ventilated place at room temperature. To clean the sponge, it is best to use lukewarm water with shampoo or a special brush cleanser. Hold the makeup sponge together with the shampoo under lukewarm water and then squeeze out the moisture. Repeat until the makeup sponge is completely clean.

Tip: Keep your sponge in the special Boozyshop Protector case!

Order the Boozyshop make-up sponge at Boozyshop

So do not hesitate any longer and buy a Boozyshop makeup sponge. If you order for 30 euros or more, you will receive a super nice gift with your order.