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Boozyshop Makeup Brushes

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Boozyshop Ultimate Pro 22 pc Master Full Set
€152,85 €76,49
Boozyshop Ultimate Pro 12 pc Master Eye Set
€65,35 €42,49
Boozyshop UP01 Powder Brush
Boozyshop UP36 Eyeliner Brush
Boozyshop Ultimate Pro 10 pc Master Face Set
€94,45 €56,49
Boozyshop UP32 Smudge Brush
Boozyshop Pink & Rose Gold Lash & Brow Brush
Boozyshop Makeup Brush & Sponge Cleansing Soap & Pad
Boozyshop UP06 Contour Brush
Boozyshop UP33 Small Eyeshadow Brush
Boozyshop Pink & Rose Gold Concealer Brush
Boozyshop Lash & Brow Brush
Boozyshop UP11 Bake & Contour Brush
Boozyshop UP12 Face Finish Brush
Boozyshop UP14 Powder Blender Brush
Boozyshop UP23 Transition Blender Brush
Boozyshop UP27 Pencil Brush
Boozyshop Ultimate Pro Makeup Brush Belt Large
Boozyshop UP09 Cream Contour Brush
Boozyshop UP16 Sculpt & Blend Brush
Boozyshop UP35 Eye Definition Brush
Boozyshop UP37 Lash & Eyebrow Brush
Boozyshop Pink & Rose Gold Blender Brush
Boozyshop Angled Blush Brush

Boozyshop Makeup Brushes

Boozyshop makeup brushes are indispensable in your stash

Your makeup will stay much better and more beautiful if you apply it with a good brush. More and more new types of brushes are appearing on the market. Important with a brush is of course the design, but also the types of materials and quality is important when choosing a brush or brush set.

High quality brushes from Boozyshop

The Boozyshop brushes have a very high quality with a super fine price. By properly maintaining the Boozyshop brushes, you will notice how long they last. This is also very important for the hygiene of your brushes. The brushes are made by hand and with great precision. Thanks to the synthetic bristles, you can easily apply your make-up.

Maintenance of your Boozyshop brushes

Some essentials and tips:

  • Brush cleanser
  • Soap with lukewarm water or cold water
  • You can dry out by hanging the brushes upside down

You do not have to clean your brushes daily, but it is wise to do this weekly. Especially when you use your brushes every day. You can choose to use a brush cleanser. This is a kind of soap that has been specially developed for brushes; this helps to clean your brushes thoroughly. You can also use it to clean deep into the fibers. You can also choose to use soap with lukewarm water and then clean it well with your hands. Always make sure that you do not rub too hard through the hair of the brush during cleaning. Try to make gentle strokes. But whatever cleaning method you use, always dry your brushes by hanging them upside down. You do this so that moisture cannot get to the adhesive layers of the hair. For a perfect result you can use the pro brush protector, which also ensures that the shape of your brushes is preserved.

Create the HD effect with the Boozy Brushes

With the Boozyshop brushes you can easily create the HD effect. The HD effect is making imperfections invisible, such as for people on TV. Cameras are becoming sharper and this ensures that the smallest irregularities can already be noticed. But thanks to the correct make-up and use of brushes that are able to cover well, these impurities are no longer visible. Which is of course nice in everyday life or on your selfies!

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