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Biovène Essential Scalp Shampoo Brush Pink
Biovène Next Lash Plus Eyelash Serum
Biovène Vitamin C 27% Serum
Biovène Natural Rose Water
Biovène Storage Case Sunset Pink
€9,95 €2,95
Biovène Next Brow Plus Eyebrow Serum
Biovène Natural Rosehip Oil
Biovène Natural Castor Oil
Biovène Natural Jojoba Oil



Pure nature, of high quality and animal testing free, that is the correct description of the beautiful brand Biovène. Because Biovène only works with highly necessary ingredients, this brand falls under “ clean skincare ” and that is something that is guaranteed to make you happy! Biovène products are not only good for the environment and your skin, but also for your wallet. Biovène strives to sell quality products for a fair price, yess!

Clean Skincare & Beauty

Very nice, the term 'clean', but what does it actually mean? There is not necessarily one description, but in general the term Clean Skincare or Clean Beauty means that there is clarity about the ingredients list and that natural ingredients are used as much as possible. In 'clean' products you will not find parabens, sulphates, SLS, SLES, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances. According to Biovène, these ingredients are not necessarily needed to create high-quality products, so they are omitted from the ingredients.

And the winner is…

The Global Makeup Awards are presented every year and in 2020 in Biovène, the proud bearer of spots 1, 2 and 3, wow! In 2019, Biovène took home first place and they won the silver place at the Pure Beauty Awards London.

Why choose Biovène?

  • Products are rich in natural ingredients
  • High quality
  • Animal testing free
  • Clean Skincare and Clean Beauty
  • Affordable
  • Winner Global Makeup Awards 2019 & 2020

You can buy Biovène online at Boozyshop

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White, black, fat, thin, religious or not: Biovène is there for everyone. Happy shopping!