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Billion Dollar Smile

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Billion Dollar Smile Purple Tooth Polish
Billion Dollar Smile LED Teeth Whitening Kit
Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Strips

Billion Dollar Smile

Natural white teeth with Billion Dollar Smile

Billion Dollar Smile gives you that snow-white smile you dream of! With the tools of Billion Dollar Smile you will have radiant teeth in no time, and that without radical treatments. Expensive treatments at the dentist or dental hygienist are no longer necessary, because from now on you can easily get started at home! Billion Dollar Smile products are free of peroxide, so your teeth will not be damaged during bleaching. In fact, thanks to the nourishing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, your teeth become stronger and whiter.

This is how you use Billion Dollar Smile

We have various teeth whitening products in our range, so that you can choose which product works best for you. Would you rather not put in too much effort, but still enjoy a natural white result? Then be sure to try the Billion Dollar Smile Purple Tooth Polish: this toothpaste works just like silver shampoo, but for your teeth! The purple hues in this toothpaste neutralize the yellow glow in your teeth, making your naturally white teeth visible again.

In fact, all Billion Dollar Smile products are easy and quick to use, including the Teeth Whitening Strips. You stick this on your teeth and in 15 to 30 minutes you have a beautiful row of white teeth. And you don't have to do anything else for that, yes!

If you want a truly professional feeling, the Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Kit is for you. This set contains an LED light that speeds up the bleaching process. You apply gel in a mouthguard, turn on the lamp and relax for 30 minutes. Rinse your mouth & enjoy super white teeth. After 6 days you will see indispensable results!

Order Billion Dollar Smile online at Boozyshop

Do you also want to enjoy a radiant white smile? Then it's time to get started! If you order your teeth whitening today before 8 p.m., you will receive your package the next working day, so you can get started right away. For orders over € 30 you can choose a free gift in our shop and packages over € 35 will be sent to you for free, woohoee! Are these not enough reasons to buy your teeth whitening from Billion Dollar Smile NOW? Thought so!