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Beauty Blender Cleaning / Cleansers

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Beautyblender Pro & Mini Solid Cleanser Kit
Beautyblender Solid Cleanser
Beautyblender Cleanser 150ML

Beauty Blender Cleaning / Cleansers

Give your make-up sponges a deep and hygienic cleaning with the Beautyblender cleansers

With one of the Beautyblender cleansers you can clean your Beauty Blender in no time. The cleansers provide a deep and hygienic cleaning. You can also clean your entire brush set with the cleansers, win win! The cleansers give a wonderful and soothing scent and are free of parabens and sulphates. We love it. Do you have a question, do you doubt or do you want to turn to professional advice? Please feel free to contact our Boozyshop live chat. This way we can provide you with a suitable advice so that you can purchase the cleanser you are looking for. Take a quick look at the Beautyblender cleaning products range!

This is how you use the cleaning products from Beautyblender

Dampen your Beautyblender before you get started with the cleanser.

When you use the liquid cleanser:

  • Remove the excess water and apply a dosed amount of Beauty Blender Liquid Cleanser to the sponge.
  • Rub it gently over the Beauty blender and remove impurities.
  • Then rinse your Beautyblender and dry it with a towel or let the sponge dry.

When you use the solid cleanser:

  • Make your Beautyblender moist.
  • Rub your sponge over the soap.
  • Gently squeeze the Beautyblender and clean it again to rinse out excess soap.

Good to know: your make-up brushes can be cleaned in the same way.

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