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Beauty Pillow

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Beauty Pillow

What about Beauty Pillow?

Beauty Pillow produces and sells pillowcases that are good for your skin and your hair. Since 2013, the Beauty Pillow has become part of the world of hair and beauty. We spend at least one third of our lives asleep. Nowadays our to-do lists are infinite, we are flooded with stimuli and the stress is increasing. This makes it important that you have a good night's sleep, so that you can rock again the next day! In addition, because of the Beauty Pillow you no longer suffer from sleep fold in your face, your hair is in shape and your skin feels silky soft. Beauty Pillow is convinced that you can sleep well. Beauty Pillow believes in its product and wants to distinguish itself. For this reason, Beauty Pillow is committed to Asante Childrens Home. This is a children's home in Kenya for underprivileged children, who can grow up there with education and have a warm home there. When a Beauty Pillow is sold, a part is donated to the children's home. Beauty Pillow believes that by joining forces you will go much further.

Sleep well with the satin Beauty Pillow

Besides the fact that the Beauty Pillow is good for your skin and your hair, the pillow also gives your bedroom an extra luxurious and beautiful appearance. The satin used for the pillow covers is 100% polyester and is of a very good quality. In addition, the pillow does not have a washable coating. Stains can easily be removed, and the pillowcase can be washed at 40 degrees Celsius. The white Beauty Pillow, which is particularly recommended for heavy acne skin, may even be washed at 60 degrees Celsius. The pillowcase can also just go into the dryer! Do not be afraid that the satin will sweat, because it just sleeps extra cool. Still not convinced? Then we have listed a number of benefits below for you!

The benefits of the Beauty Pillow

  • The Beauty Pillow is anti-aging, ensures less wrinkles and a visibly younger and radiant skin. By sleeping on a satin pillow you prevent wrinkling in the long term.
  • The Beauty Pillow deals with pimples, acne and impurities. The cushion is made of satin and gives rest to the skin and regulates sebum production. When you sleep on satin and take good care of your skin, you will find that this helps to reduce acne and pimples.
  • Calms a fiery skin and rosacea. Satin glides and polishes the skin. This pillow also makes the rosacea skin much calmer.
  • The pillow cover of Beauty Pillow is cool and inhibits perspiration.
  • Because of the gliding and polishing effect of the silky satin, there are no folds in your face and this also prevents wrinkling. The pillow ensures that your skin stays nice and smooth.
  • When you sleep on the satin pillow, you will notice that the next day you have shiny hair without tangles or a fluff on your head. Your hair remains much better in shape and split ends are prevented. This is due to the sliding and protective effect of the satin pillowcase.
  • The Beauty Pillow regulates the effect of sebum production. This makes your hair less fat. In addition, the satin pillowcase does not absorb moisture from your hair, so that your hair dries out less quickly.
  • A satin pillowcase prevents your skin and hair care products from being absorbed into your pillow.
  • In addition, the satin pillow case gives your skin a rest.
  • The Beauty Pillow does not attract dust mites and pollen. In addition, dust particles can not settle in satin, as a result of which house dust mite is barred.

What is the difference between silk and satin?

Silk is a natural product. The satin of Beauty Pillow, on the other hand, is made of 100% polyester. It can be said that this has the same effect on skin and hair. Both ensure a radiant skin and shiny hair. In addition, there are several drawbacks on the real side, which are prevented by the satin Beauty Pillow. Silk is expensive, wear-sensitive and stains are difficult to remove. Here you do not have to worry about the Beauty Pillow!

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Here at Boozyshop we offer a wide range of Beauty Pillows. So in our assortment there are different colors of Beauty Pillows, so you can find exactly the satin pillowcase that suits your needs. If the order amount is above 30 euros, you will also receive a nice gift from us. Wait no longer!