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Bali Body

Bali Body self-tanners and quick tanners are easy to buy online at Boozyshop, the self-tanner webshop!
Foundation Filter
Skincare Routine
Main Ingredient
Bali Body Face Tan Water
Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse
Bali Body 1 Hour Express Tan
Bali Body Watermelon Tanning Oil
Bali Body Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse
Bali Body BB Cream SPF 15
Bali Body Watermelon Tanning Oil SPF15
Bali Body Clear Self Tanning Water
Bali Body Shimmering Body Oil
Bali Body Cacao Tanning Oil
Bali Body Watermelon Tanning Oil SPF6
Sold out
Bali Body Bronzing Lotion
Bali Body Pineapple Tanning Oil
Bali Body Peach Tanning Oil SPF6
Bali Body Grape Tanning Oil
Bali Body Peach Tanning Oil
Bali Body Natural Tanning & Body Oil SPF15
Bali Body Gradual Tan
Bali Body Peach Tanning Oil SPF15
Bali Body Sunscreen SPF15
Bali Body Self Tan Remover
Bali Body Cacao Tanning Oil SPF6
Bali Body Cacao Tanning Oil SPF15
Bali Body Luxe Tanning Mitt

Bali Body

Bali Body now available at Boozyshop

Bali Body is a nice summery Australian brand with different products for achieving the best fake tan or to get a natural tan faster. And is now for sale in the Netherlands! Bali Body is best known for its lotions with the most tropical exotic scents. The lotions protect your skin against the UV rays of the sun and at the same time ensure that thanks to the extra tanning factor you quickly have the intense Summer glow!

100% animal friendly

All Bali Body products have one important thing in common. Every product has NOT been tested on animals and is therefore animal friendly. Bali Body has its own Bali Body babes, there are a lot of them. They test whether the product is really 100% animal-friendly. In addition, the products contain various natural and caring ingredients, making them all super friendly for your skin.

Self-tanners for every skin tone

The basic color of the Bali Body products is green. Green is a color that makes the tan suitable for all skin tones. The green color corrects the pink color, making this the ideal color base for fair skin but also for medium to dark skin.

Reach your fake tan within a few hours

How long you keep the Bali Body Tan until you take a shower depends entirely on what kind of color you want to achieve:

  • A light complexion> 1 - 3 hours
  • Medium> 3 - 6 hours
  • Deep dark complexion> 6-8 hours (at night)

Don't forget to apply your fake tan with a special mitt. This not only gives you a good result, but also keeps your hands clean.

Faster brown or rather a fake tan?

Whether you prefer a self-tanner or an oil that makes you tan super quickly and beautifully, Bali Body takes care of it. Thanks to the fine self-tanners you can build a beautiful and long-lasting tan, so that you can have a beautiful complexion in no time even in winter or with white legs. The sun shines? Then use an oil with or without SPF, these oils work as a quick tanner and ensure that you tan super beautifully and quickly.

Order Bali Body now at Boozyshop

So don't hesitate any longer and order your favorite Bali Body product now at Boozyshop. If you order for 30 euros or more, you will receive a gift of your choice with your package. If you have any questions or need advice, you can always contact one of our experts in live chat.