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Vegan Mascara

I Heart Revolution Tasty Avocado Mascara
€5,95 €4,49
NYX Professional Makeup On The Rise Liftscara Black
I Heart Revolution Tasty Peach Mascara
€5,95 €4,49
Technic Epic Waterproof Mascara
Technic Mega Lash Pink
Technic Mega Lash Pink
€4,95 €3,95
Nabla Major Pleasure Mascara
W7 Cosmetics Very Vegan Mascara
NYX Professional Makeup Big & Loud Lash Primer
€7,30 €5,49

Vegan Mascara

Stunningly beautiful with vegan mascara

The most expressive eyes are best created with mascara. And women with a vegan lifestyle can also benefit from now on. Boozyshop has enriched its range with vegan mascaras! How nice but especially good is that?

Choose from different vegan mascaras at Boozyshop

A vegan mascara creates an attractive, sexy and beautiful appearance. Nobody can keep his eyes off yours! Boozyshop has several vegan mascaras that you can almost choose from. Ask Boozyshop her make-up artists in the chat which mascara has the function you are looking for to achieve the desired result.

Natural or dramatic? With a vegan mascara you can go anywhere!

You bring mascara just as easily as you ordered it at Boozyshop. How many layers of mascara you bring depends on the look you want. Are you going for a natural look or do you want to create a dramatic effect? A smart tip is to apply your mascara in zigzagging movements. This way the mascara can attach itself well to all eyelashes and you are guaranteed to achieve a beautiful result.

Your new favorite vegan mascara will be delivered tomorrow!

Can you not wait until you have the most beautiful speaking eyes with the longest or full eyelashes? Order your new favorite vegan mascara before 8 pm at Boozyshop and you will receive it the next day! The best quality, interesting prices and a gift with an order from 30 euros ... So many reasons to buy a vegan mascara at Boozyshop.