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Vegan Foundation

Skin Color
Skin Type
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation
€9,95 €5,95
Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick
€5,95 €4,49
Revolution Pro Powder Foundation
€5,95 €4,49
Makeup Revolution Matte Base Foundation
€5,95 €4,49
Nabla Close-Up Futuristic Foundation D50
€25,90 €4,95
Dermacol Make-up Cover Foundation
Revolution Pro Full Cover Camouflage Foundation
€7,95 €5,95
Milani Conceal & Perfect Foundation Stick
€13,95 €10,95
Makeup Obsession Face Foundation Mixer Whitening
€6,95 €5,49
Sold out
Dermacol Make-up Cover Foundation Set
Makeup Revolution White Liquid Face Paint
BH Cosmetics Natural Flawless Liquid Foundation
€11,95 €6,95
Makeup Revolution White Cream Face Base
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation F9.5
€9,95 €2,95
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation F0.7
€9,95 €2,95

Vegan Foundation

The right vegan foundation is difficult to find? That is no longer a struggle at Boozyshop!

The right foundation guarantees a beautiful, even skin with the most beautiful shade. But then you must indeed find the right one! And where that used to be difficult for vegan ladies is now no longer a struggle. Because at Boozyshop you can choose from many different vegan foundations to expand your vegan make-up stash.

The most beautiful even skin with vegan foundation

A foundation is essential for the perfect base of your make-up look. Whether you go to the office or have a romantic date, an even skin creates a breathtakingly beautiful look. Because imperfections are not called imperfections for nothing! We want to hide them and we do that best with vegan foundation. Because these foundations are enriched with only natural ingredients and no animal ingredients, they are vegan. Perfect for all ladies who follow a vegan lifestyle!

Different shapes, textures and shades of vegan foundation

Boozyshop's range is filled with different types of vegan foundation, suitable for every skin type and all skin tones. Everyone has a personal preference to find the shape and texture of foundation they like best. Think of the different types of vegan liquid foundation, vegan foundation sticks and vegan foundation drops. But the tools do match! Most foundations can be applied with your favorite foundation brush, a handy sponge or just simple with your fingers.

Wanted a kind of vegan foundation? Then it's time for another important aspect: the foundation tint! Do you already know exactly which color you need? Do you still doubt? Ask in the chat to Boozyshop her make-up artists which foundation color suits you perfectly.