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Liquid Lipstick

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Skin Color
Makeup Revolution Pout Bomb Plumping Gloss
I Heart Revolution Chocolate Vault 2
€89,95 €69,95
L'Oréal Paris Electric Nights Liquid Lipstick
Revolution Pro All That Glistens Hydrating Lipgloss
Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick Loyalist
W7 Cosmetics Kiss Kit Nude Attitude
Maybelline Ashley Longshore x SuperStay Matte Ink 05 Loyalist
Maybelline Ashley Longshore x SuperStay Matte Ink 95 Visionary
Milani Keep it Full Nourishing Lip Plumper
Profusion Mixed Metals Eyes & Lips Glam
€14,95 €9,95
Makeup Revolution Matte Liquid Lipstick
€5,95 €4,75
Sugarpill School Daze Liquid Lipstick
Glamlite Concha Lips Liquid Lipstick
Maybelline Ashley Longshore x SuperStay Matte Ink 120 Artist
Wet n Wild Mega Glo Lip Gloss
€4,95 €0,95
Makeup Revolution Precious Stone Lip Topper Ruby Crush
€4,95 €3,95
W7 Cosmetics Kiss Kit Mauve Over
Maybelline Ashley Longshore x SuperStay Matte Ink 10 Dreamer
BH Cosmetics Liquid Linen Long Lasting Lipstick
€8,49 €2,95
Sugarpill Liquid Lipstick Trifle
W7 Cosmetics Kiss Kit Red Alert
W7 Cosmetics Kiss Kit Bare It All
Makeup Revolution Lip Revolution Nudes
Lunar Beauty Dreamy Lip Gloss

Liquid Lipstick

A liquid lipstick makes your lips even more beautiful

When you want to provide your lips with a really striking appearance, the choice of using a lipstick is usually made quickly. Nowadays you can no longer only choose to use a standard lipstick. What to think of a so-called liquid lipstick. Such a lipstick has an extra glossy edge and is offered in the form of a handy brush. By using this brush, the liquid lipstick is placed on your lips in all simplicity, giving it the most impressive appearance every time. Would you also like to get a nice liquid lipstick and would you like to be able to do that at a very competitive price and the most interesting conditions? Do not hesitate any longer and get your liquid lipstick here today at Boozyshop!

Combines two favorite effects

The fact that the liquid lipstick has become so popular over the years, especially among young ladies, has everything to do with the fact that it actually manages to combine two very popular effects like no other product. By using a liquid lipstick you can count on the unique coverage of a lipstick, but with the gloss of a gloss. Actually, for this reason we can place a liquid lipstick excellent under the name of a two-in-one product. The practical brush with a liquid lipstick also ensures that you can achieve the beautiful lips that you dream about with even more comfort.

A liquid lipstick with a matte finish

If you take a dive in the supply with liquid lipsticks here at Boozyshop it will immediately become clear that you can choose from a large number of beautiful lipsticks that are suitable for all kinds of skin types. The majority of our liquid lipsticks, however, have a matte appearance. This matte appearance ensures that you always opt for a liquid lipstick that is perfectly in line with your expectations and that is alternately impressive and subtle depending on the situation. If you would like to add a beautiful lipstick to your collection, choosing a liquid lipstick with matte finish is always a must!

Take the style of your skin into account

To select a lipstick, the color must always be based on the appearance of the skin for a not insignificant part. This not only looks at the type of skin, but also at the appearance and color exactly what it has. This does not only apply to buying a regular lipstick, because the same tips also apply to a liquid lipstick. So do you intend to buy a liquid lipstick in other words? Then first determine whether you have a warm or cold skin with the help of a silver and gold jewelery an absolute must!

Wide assortment packed with liquid lipsticks

Just as with a regular lipstick, it goes without saying that you also want to be able to make a choice from a large number of different options in terms of a liquid lipstick. That is really no problem here at Boozyshop. We have made it possible for our customers to order a liquid lipstick that is completely in line with their expectations. Whether you are looking for a striking, flashy color or if you prefer something less noticeable in the crowd, it is all possible. For which liquid lipstick you can choose at the end of the ride, you will always notice that it will be a valuable addition to your existing collection of beauty products.

Buy liquid lipsticks at Boozyshop

Are you convinced of the interesting benefits that buying a liquid lipstick entails? In that case it is highly recommended to order it here at Boozyshop. Not only can you find exactly the one liquid lipstick with us that will impress you on the best parties and the coolest parties, you also order them at the best possible price! From an order amount of 30 euros you will receive a cool gift. Do you want your order delivered quickly? That is also not a problem.