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Lip Scrub

Barry M Lip Scrub Watermelon
W7 Cosmetics Jelly Crush Lip Scrub Passion Fruit Punch
Makeup Revolution Kiss & Care Lip Pack
W7 Cosmetics Jelly Crush Lip Scrub Crazy Coconut
Clay And Glow Lip Scrub Bubblegum Mint
NYX Professional Makeup Kiss Prep Treat Set
Clay And Glow Lip Scrub Berry Tasty
NYX Professional Makeup #THISISEVERYTHING Lip Scrub Pink
Barry M Lip Scrub Mango
Clay And Glow Lip Scrub Strawberry
Barry M Lip Scrub Peppermint
KimChi Chic Beauty Candy Lips Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub

You know it; your lips are dry and flaked. Horror! With a good lip balm you can improve your lips quite an end, but as a real fashionista you know that it can be even better. Silky smooth lips can be obtained by combining your favorite lip balm with a lip scrub. This ensures that your lips are softly scrubbed, so that your lips feel silky soft again. This allows your lip balm to do a lot better work. Those kissable lips are within reach as soon as you start scrubbing lips!

Dry lips? No more with the right lip scrub

Dry lips are the killer of every lipstick. Your lips look better with extra lipstick, but it accentuates the dryness of your lips when you suffer from this. And of course you do not want that. By using lip scrub you remove the dead skin cells. This makes your lips look healthier after using the scrub. Finish with a nice lipstick or lip gloss and you are ready to go.

So you scrub away those chapped lips

Are you ready for silky lips? Then follow the next steps, so that you scrub your lips in the best way:

  • Apply the lip scrub on your lips or your finger
  • Massage the scrub. You do this by smearing it gently on your lips
  • Ready? Rinse the scrub with hot water from your lips
  • If necessary, apply a lip balm for a perfect finish

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