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Biodegradable glitter

You can easily order Biodegradable glitter online at Boozyshop, the makeup webshop!
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Biodegradable glitter

Environmentally conscious with the biodegradable glitters

Glitters, makeup and environment conscious? With bio degradable glitters you create the most beautiful looks and you are also aware of the environment. Glitters are fun for various parties, festivals, Christmas, carnival and many other occasions. Most glitters are made from different types of plastic. They are therefore one of the biggest culprits of the plastic soup in the oceans. That is why these organic glitters have been developed to counteract this pollution.

Create an irresistible look

At Boozyshop you will find these special biodegradable glitters. The Paintglow brand does everything to make the most beautiful glitter types, and this also with the environment in mind. Whether you choose the brightest colors or an exciting look; everything is possible. You can use the glitters on your face as well as on your body. So don't delay and steal the show with these beautiful organic glitters.

Long lasting look with glitter glue

Besides that you steal the show and meanwhile contribute to the environment, the glitters are super easy to use. Do you want your glitters to stay extra long? Then use a Glitter Fix Gel or Peel Off glue. These are also very easy to use. You only need a little bit of product and your glitter is good for the rest of the day and evening.

Order biodegradable glitters now at Boozyshop!

Are you ready to help improve the environment? Do not wait any longer and order biodegradable glitters today at Boozyshop. When you spend 30 euros or more you will also receive one of our nice gifts.