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BB Cream

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Bali Body BB Cream SPF 15
Wet n Wild Bare Focus Tinted Skin Perfector
LA Girl Pro BB Cream
Garnier Skincare SkinActive BB Cream Classic
Holika Holika Aqua Petit BB Cream
Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB Cream
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Holika Holika Shimmering Petit BB Cream

BB Cream

The best for your skin with a BB cream

The finest properties of a foundation and a moisturizer together is the BB cream. Because the BB cream does it all: care for your skin, protect it, level it, heal it and let it shine. Blemish Balm is what BB cream stands for and what the BB creams at Boozyshop do best. Hide your unevenness and radius with a natural effect.

Imperfections? You do not see them with a BB cream!

A BB cream, like a foundation, conceals unevenness, red spots, puffiness and dark spots. The result is therefore a beautiful smooth skin and guaranteed the perfect base for your makeup look. But a BB cream has a lighter texture than a foundation which creates a natural effect. Ideal if you like a soft, subtle make-up look, without imperfections.

Is acne your struggle? Then you might even be advised not to apply foundation ... And that while you want to hide those imperfections! A BB cream is the perfect solution. Because a BB cream is lighter and has caring properties, it fits perfectly with all skin types.

A BB cream = intense care

The best, smooth and natural result is not the only thing the BB cream is good at. All BB creams from Boozyshop's range also have the properties of a moisturizer. For example, your skin is intensely hydrated, deliciously nourished or perfectly restored by the BB creams. Some even have an anti-aging effect on your skin! And if your skin is healthy, the appearance of your skin also improves. Because if the BB cream does not give you a nice shine, it is your healthy skin that radiates!

The ideal summer essential

In the summer a BB cream is the perfect replacement for your favorite foundation. During the sunny days on the terrace or beach and the lovely warm evenings with a delicious cocktail, you want to feel comfortable and well. A foundation that is very opaque does not belong there! Mar a fine light BB cream that hides imperfections with a natural effect.

Which BB cream suits your skin?

Do you have greasy skin? Then a BB cream with a matte finish is perfect for you. This way you reduce and prevent a greasy shine! A BB cream with the lightest texture is ideal for dry skin. Because if you apply a thicker texture, you dry out your skin more. For every skin type it is important to choose a BB cream with intense moisturizing properties for the most beautiful shine.

BB creams usually do not come in very many different shades. But be careful that you choose a color that most closely resembles your own skin tone. Do you doubt which BB cream shade is your perfect match? Ask her make-up artist for help in the Boozyshop chat! Found your new BB cream? Order him quickly and easily online at Boozyshop.