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Face & Body Jewels

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In Your Dreams Face Gems & Eye Jewels Gold Astra
Boozyshop Face Jewels Lauren
Boozyshop Face Jewels Ona
In Your Dreams Jewelled Headpiece & Eye Jewels Gold Alya
Boozyshop Face Jewels Ish
Boozyshop Face Jewels Laura
Festival Face Face Gems Lyra Gold Glitter
Boozyshop Face Jewels Lise-Lotte
Boozyshop Face Jewels Lucca
Festival Face Face Gems Pasha Silver
Festival Face Face Gems Mya Gold
In Your Dreams Face Gems Opal Ophelia
€11,49 €7,95
Festival Face Face Gems Moon and Stars Orange Black
Boozyshop Face Jewels Isabelle
Boozyshop Face Jewels Ireen
In Your Dreams Jewelled Headpiece Blue Ariel Shell
€10,49 €6,95
Festival Face Face Gems Glitter Azra Silver
Festival Face Face Gems Moon and Stars Black Silver
Festival Face Face Gems Mix and Match
Festival Face Face Gems Ayla II Pink
Sold out
In Your Dreams Jewelled Headpiece Gold Athena
In Your Dreams Jewelled Chestpiece Pink Azalea
€20,95 €12,95
In Your Dreams Jewelled Chestpiece Golden Valley
€21,95 €14,95
In Your Dreams Eye Gems Dark Siren

Face & Body Jewels

The festival trend of the moment!

The festival season is coming again! That means a great festival activity or garden party on your agenda every week. Are you ready to party or are you still looking for super cool festival accessories? Hurry and make sure you are festival proof. Get yourself prepared for summer and finish your look with the latest trend at the moment. Probably you have already spotted them, but now you complete your festival outfit with beautiful Face & Body Gems. These jewels are specially designed to make your festival outfit complete!

Born to sparkle!

Both the face jewels and the body jewels are available in crazy colors, shapes and sizes. Certainly do not hold back, because nothing is too crazy! The more sparkle, the better! The face jewels are a perfect addition to your festival makeup look and can be stuck anywhere on your face, but usually these are worn on your forehead and around your eyes. Are you a bon vivant and do you like a bohemian look? Nice! Then stick the festival stones on your forehead. Do you prefer to show your creative side? Think outside the box and stick the gems around your eyes and even in your hair! The body jewels are a bit bigger and perfect to apply onto your body, but these also lend themselves perfectly to your forehead and even partly in your hair!

Planning multiple festivals?

Don't let that stop you, because applying these festival accessories has never been easier. What you don't see is that these gems are one sticker, handy! Carefully remove the self-adhesive sticker from the transparent bottom layer and stick it on the desired location, it couldn't be easier! Of course we also have loose jewels in the range with which you can create your own unique look! Still a busy schedule ahead of you? No problem, because most Face & Body Jewels are reusable. Handy isn't it, so you can wear your favorite gems at multiple parties!

Festival season over or no festivals planned?

Totally in love with the range of jewels and gems, but no parties are planned? Don't worry, these jewels and gems are extremely suitable for carnival, Halloween or any theme party as well! No matter what you dress up, these jewels and gems complete your look and ensure that you are just a little bit different from everyone else!

Buy Face & Body Jewels? Order today easily and quickly at Boozyshop!

Don't hesitate but do it! You may need a bit of guts, but put on your naughty shoes and go crazy! And you won't be the only one, believe me! Take the challenge with yourself and order these gems quickly! Are you a daredevil? Then go for the larger and more striking face or body jewels. Do you prefer to take it easy, no problem because the range is so wide that there is something for everyone!

Have you found your favorite gems? Don't wait any longer and order it today. Did you know that with an amount above 30 euros you receive a free gift? Enough reasons to place an order today at Boozyshop!