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Makeup Revolution Precious Stone Liquid Glitter Eyeliner
€4,95 €3,95
BH Cosmetics Power Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner
€8,95 €1,95
LA Girl Shockwave Neon Eyeliner
W7 Cosmetics Metal Flash Trio Hot Lava Metallic Glitter Eyeliner
€7,95 €5,95
L'Oréal Paris Electric Nights Liquid Eyeliner Red
€13,95 €9,95
NYX Professional Make Up Slide On Pencil Pure White
NYX Professional Make Up Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeliner Zodiac Queen
Wet n Wild Mini Liquid Catsuit Eye Set
€12,95 €6,95
NYX Professional Make Up Thats The Point Eyeliner On The Dot
NYX Professional Make Up Tres Jolie Gel Pencil Liner Brown
Sold out
NYX Professional Make Up Epic Wear Semi Perm Liquid Liner Black
NYX Professional Make Up Slide On Pencil Brown Perfection
NYX Professional Make Up Two Timer Dual Ended Eyeliner Jet Black
NYX Professional Make Up Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeliner Quartzy
NYX Professional Make Up Slide On Pencil Jewel
NYX Professional Make Up Slide On Pencil Gun Metal
NYX Professional Make Up Slide On Pencil Golden Olive
NYX Professional Make Up Vinyl Liquid Liner Black
L'Oréal Paris Electric Nights Eye Kit
€29,95 €23,95
Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel 90
NYX Professional Make Up Slide On Pencil Esmeralda
Sold out
NYX Professional Make Up Slide On Pencil Platinum
NYX Professional Make Up Epic Ink Liner Black
NYX Professional Make Up Matte Liquid Liner Black


An eyeliner, extra attention for your beautiful eyes

Ladies who love to make themselves extra beautiful will undoubtedly choose to have an eyeliner at home. An eyeliner is a unique beauty product which makes it possible to beautify the eye contours. The use of an eyeliner is not new. Even the beautiful ladies from ancient Egypt were already using it, either for completely different purposes than for which it was actually intended. Nowadays, an eyeliner is initially a beauty product that has the unique ability to make the eyes stand out more. The partial framing of the eyes ensures that more attention can be drawn to the eyes because they stand out more in the face. In addition, an eyeliner can be applied in different ways so that a special effect can be created. For example, it is known that with an eyeliner you can make the eyes optically larger or smaller. Would you also like to enjoy the unique benefits that the use of an eyeliner entails? Then you are undoubtedly at the right address here at Boozyshop!

Different types of eyeliners

Before you choose to order an eyeliner it is always interesting to keep in mind that it is now available in various different forms. Of course, the best known eyeliner is in pencil. The second most popular eyeliner is the one that is available in a liquid form with the gel being used the least often. Yet in the majority of cases it is mainly a matter of personal preference. On the whole, however, it is true that an eyeliner in the form of a pencil, for example, is a lot more practical. Anyway, we have already listed the characteristics of the different types of eyeliners for you.

An eyeliner in pencil form

Of all the different eyeliners that can be found on the market, it must be said that the eyeliner pencil is undoubtedly the most practical. In order to use this type of eyeliner, no extra accessories have to be used. Or hardly, because a sharpener can always come in handy! In principle, an eyeliner in pencil comes closest to the original 'kohl powder' which in earlier times was pressed into sticks because in this way it became much more convenient to use. Especially when you, your eyeliner simply want to take anywhere and wish to be able to choose, choosing an eyeliner in pencil form is undoubtedly an interesting choice.

A liquid eyeliner, interesting or not?

A second option is to opt for a liquid eyeliner. This eyeliner has made a not inconsiderable evolution over the years. When the first liquid forms of eyeliners appeared on the market, these were all but practical and the use of them was often a real challenge. Today, fortunately, she exists in the form of a pen that, in terms of ease of use, is getting closer and closer to a pencil shape. Do you not immediately prefer a pencil, but would you like to order an eyeliner in liquid form? That is not a problem at all! These eyeliners can also be found in the assortment here at Boozyshop without any problem!

Choose from a wide range with the best eyeliners

The above makes it clear already, here at Boozyshop we have chosen to offer ladies the possibility to make a choice from a large number of beautiful eyeliners. Whether you want to choose to apply them with a pencil or a pen, or if you prefer the gel eyeliner, in all these cases we offer you exactly the one eyeliner that will perfectly align lie with your expectations. This way you can put exactly those accents for your face that you are looking for!

Order your eyeliner today at Boozyshop!

Are you also looking for an eyeliner and would you like to be able to order it at a very interesting price? Would you also like to be able to make a choice from a large number of different options? In that case it is definitely worth buying your new eyeliner here at Boozyshop! Do not hesitate any longer and get them here today at the most interesting conditions!