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Eyebrow Powder

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Eyebrow Powder

Eyebrow powder: the product for natural eyebrows

What many people may not know is that eyebrows are an incredibly important part of the face. Eyebrows determine your appearance for a very large part. By accentuating your eyebrows with an eyebrow powder you can let your face shine! The powder gives a natural, soft look to your face. Because of the large assortment of eyebrow powder you will always find the product you need at Boozyshop!

Apply eyebrow powder

It is important that you know exactly how to apply the eyebrow powder exactly. First of all, it is important to determine the correct color. It is wise to start from your hair color, because this gives you the most natural effect. The next step is to choose the desired eyebrow shape that you want to create. Then you can really get started with the eyebrow powder. It is important to use a good eyebrow brush when applying the powder. In addition, after applying the eyebrow powder, you can divide the pigment by brushing over the eyebrows with a spoolie, which will immediately result in a softer effect. As a final step you can fix the eyebrows with eyebrow gel or perfect with concealer.
Tip: provide a wet base when applying eyebrow powder. This is because the powder sticks best to this and will also remain the longest. You can think of foundation or day cream, but you can also make the eyebrow brush a little damp.

Buy the best eyebrow powder at Boozyshop

Eyebrow powder is the makeup product that you need to create natural, soft eyebrows. The powder ensures that your eyebrows are more accentuated, so your face will speak more. If you order more than € 30, -, you will receive a free gift. Stop doubting and order your eyebrow powder today at Boozyshop!