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Swiss O-Par Eyebrow and eyelash color Brown
Revolution Relove Blade Brow Pencil
NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil
NYX Professional Makeup Lift & Snatch! Brow Tint Pen
Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade
Freck Original Faux Freckles
Revolution Relove Power Brow Pencil
NYX Professional Makeup The Instant Brow Glue Styler
Milani Stay Put Brow Pomade
Boozyshop Fake Freckle Pen
KimChi Chic Beauty Eyebrow Pencil
€12,95 €9,95
KimChi Chic Beauty Candy Girl Fake Freckle
TheBalm Furrowcious Brow Pencil Blonde
€12,95 €9,95
NYX Professional Makeup Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade
Makeup Revolution Duo Brow Pencil
NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Cake Powder
Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Retractable Pencil
Makeup Revolution Precise Brow Pencil
Karla Cosmetics Fix Potion
BPerfect Indestructibrow Brow Soap
€11,95 €8,95
Wet n Wild Brow Sessive Brow Pencil
Makeup Revolution Rehab Brow Care Serum
€10,95 €6,95
LA Girl Shady Slim Brow Pencil
Revolution Relove Glossy Fix Clear Brow Gel & Mascara


Eyebrow make-up for really beautiful eyebrows

Do you want to shine like never before? In that case, using eyebrow make-up is undoubtedly something for you! By using such make-up it is possible to give your eyes exactly the look that you want. Whether you decide to use for example eyebrow dye or eyebrow powder, in all these cases it is possible to realize exactly that style that makes your appearance even more impressive. Do you also want to use eyebrow makeup? Then quickly discover the assortment with make-up for eyebrows here at Boozyshop!

Why use eyebrows make-up?

Many ladies may not be aware of it at first sight, but the eyebrows are one of the most striking parts of the face. The appearance that your eyes have is therefore often (largely) influenced by the use of eyebrow make-up. In this way, you as a lady have the opportunity to put those accents exactly where you want them. Whether you are looking for a real party or just having a nice evening with friends, use the beautiful eyebrows make-up from the range here at Boozyshop is definitely a must!

Different types of eyebrows make-up

Eyebrow make-up exists today in many different forms. We distinguish in this area include brow pomade, eyebrow powder, eyebrow dye, eyebrow gel and for example an eyebrow pencil. All these different types of eyebrow makeup make it possible to ensure that your eyebrows get exactly the look that you want. Would you like to excel at a party or do you want to have a nice evening with your friends and would you like to look good? In that case, it is always worth using eyebrow make-up. You will notice that in this way you get exactly the look that you have probably been looking for for some time!

How apply eyebrow make make-up?

Applying eyebrow makeup may not seem that difficult at first sight, but there are some interesting tips that you should take better into account. First and foremost, for example, you always do well to try and reduce sensitivity. An excellent tip in this area is to take a warm shower first. This ensures, among other things, that the eyebrows will be considerably easier to model. After all, the hairs are softer.

You use eyebrow make-up naturally because you want to accentuate your eyebrows. If you want to be sure that you have as natural a look as possible, you can use eyebrow powder. Do you want to create a more dramatic look that stands out in the crowd? Then choosing an eyebrow pencil is always a must. Fixing the eyebrows is always done on the basis of a specific gel for the eyebrows.

Order your eyebrow make-up here at Boozyshop!

When you take a look at the assortment with eyebrow make-up here at Boozyshop it immediately becomes clear that there are a large number of different possibilities in it. Whatever form of eyebrow makeup you are looking for in other words, you will find that it can always be purchased at the most interesting price here at Boozyshop. The latter is also very important, because there is a good chance that you, as a fashion-conscious and stylish lady, would also like to order other products. By using the best possible price per product, we ensure that you can always get everything your heart desires!

A free gift from 30 euros

Ordering your brand new eyebrow make-up here at Boozyshop not only ensures that you can count on the most interesting price. In addition, it is also the case that you receive a cool make-up gift when it concerns an order worth at least 30 euros! This way you will never be confronted with extra, unnecessary costs and your eyebrow makeup will always remain as affordable as possible!