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Eyebrow Brushes

Buy Eyebrow brushes online at Boozyshop. The make up webshop that makes online cosmetics shopping fun!
LA Girl Pro Brush Duo Brow
Boozyshop Pink & Rose Gold Angled Brow Brush
Boozyshop Fleeky Brow Set
Boozyshop Fleeky Brow Set
€15,85 €11,95
Boozyshop Pink & Rose Gold Lash & Brow Brush
Sigma E75 Angled Brow
Boozyshop Pink & Rose Gold Brow Liner Brush
Makeup Revolution Create Soap Styler Brow Brush
Sigma B12 Bent Liner Brush
NYX Professional Makeup Pro Dual Brow Brush
Boozyshop UP37 Lash & Eyebrow Brush
Boozyshop UP31 Brow Highlighter Brush
NYX Professional Makeup Pro Angled Brush
Tweezerman Precision Folding Razor

Eyebrow Brushes

Buy a fine eyebrow brush at Boozyshop

If you want to get your eyebrows in the perfect shape, you definitely need a good brush. An eyebrow brush will help you to get exactly the look that you want. Is this the kind of brush you are looking for? Then we would like to invite you to discover the eyebrow brushes assortment at Boozyshop!

Handmade eyebrow brushes

If you have a look at our range you will notice that all Boozy Cosmetics eyebrow brushes are handmade. So you can be sure that these brushes are made very precisely so you'll always be using an excellent and very qualitative tool to make your eyebrows and eyelashes beautiful. Not only are they made of high quality materials, the hairs are silky smooth as well. All these advantages ensure that buying an eyebrow brush from Boozyshop is never waste of money!

Also available in sets

If you are looking for a certain eyebrow brush it is always interesting to know that there are not only individual brushes, but it is also possible to choose complete sets. You can find different eyebrow brushes in a set that have their own unique characteristics. You'll have an eyebrow brush to model, define and fill for example. In other words, are you looking for different types to buy at once for a very interesting price tag? Then choosing an eyebrow brush set is a great idea!

A qualitative eyebrow brush at a great price

When you want to buy one or more new eyebrow brushes, of course want to be sure of good quality. It would be a waste of money buying an eyebrow brush you can throw away after a few times because of bad quality. Because not only the quality is important, but the price as well, at Boozyshop, we guarantee our customers the best possible price-quality ratio. This ensures that you can always choose a good brush at a very affordable cost. Boozyshop is the place to be!

Order your eyebrow brush today!

Do you also need a (new) eyebrow brush? In that case it is definitely recommended to have a look at the assortment at Boozyshop. We make it perfectly possible for our customers to get an eyebrow brush that can perfectly meet your expectations.

Enjoy a free gift with every order above 30 euros!

Chances are that besides an eyebrow brush you need several other makeup products or tools. Then it's nice to know that with every order from 30 euros, a free gift is included. Another reason to choose to order your at Boozyshop!