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Blending Brushes

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Boozyshop Blend it B*tch! Eye Blending Set
€21,80 €14,95
Sigma X Trendmood The Eye Trio
Real Techniques Eye Shade & Blend Brush Set
BH Cosmetics Brush V2 Vegan Pointed Blending Brush
Boozyshop Better Than a Real One! Brush Threesome
€15,85 €11,95
Boozyshop Pink & Rose Gold Large Tapered Blender
Sold out
Sigma E27 Detail Blending Brush
Real Techniques Face And Body Blender
Boozyshop UP14 Powder Blender Brush
Boozyshop Pink & Rose Gold Tapered Blender Brush
Sigma E33 Detail Diffuse Crease Brush
Boozyshop UP22 Fluffy Blender Brush
Wet n Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush
Boozyshop UP18 Stippling Brush
Boozyshop UP23 Transition Blender Brush
Boozyshop UP25 Crease Blender Brush
Boozyshop UP29 Precise Blender Brush
Boozyshop UP32 Smudge Brush
Boozyshop Pink & Rose Gold Blender Brush
Sigma E36 Blending
Sigma E38 Diffused Crease
Boozyshop UP21 Blender Brush
Sold out
Sigma Essential Trio Brush Set Black
Boozyshop UP13 Under Eye Blender Brush

Blending Brushes

Order the best blending brushes at Boozyshop!

For blending your eyeshadow it is always interesting to have special blending brushes. These brushes makes blending your eyeshadow a lot easier. Also, by using a special blending brush the blending can be done in the best possible way, so that a beautiful end result can always be obtained. If you are also looking for blending brushes, you will be excited to know they can be purchased at Boozyshop at a very interesting price tag. We have a very extensive product range so you will certainly find the one blending brush that you are looking for. Look no further and buy them at Boozyshop today!

Lots of different blending brushes

When you want to buy a blending brush, you probably would like to be able to make a choice from the widest possible range of different types. At Boozyshop we have a large number of different possibilities. Are you looking for a soft blender, or are you looking for one you can not just blend, but also smudge and contour with? At Boozyshop we will definitely have one that will be perfectly in line with your expectations. Are you looking for a handy brush to take along on the way? That's perfectly possible as well. As you see, it is highly recommended to have a look at the wide range at Boozyshop if you would like to buy an excellent blending brush!

Blending brushes on the go

Many ladies like to have a little touch up while they're on the road. That is no problem with a blending brush. Such brushes exist in many different forms and shapes. Our 100 percent handmade and professional Boozy Cosmetics make-up brushes easily fit in your make-upbag. This allows you to take it with you in all simplicity and without having to lose the quality and appearance. When you are looking for a blending brush on the go, Boozyshop has got you covered!

An optimal life for your blending brushes

If you choose to get one of the different blending brushes from our assortment, it is only natural that you would like to be able to use it for as long as possible. To make sure the brushes have the best possible durability and hygiene is guaranteed, you should clean them weekly. For cleaning your blending brushes it is recommended to use lukewarm water with a shampoo or so-called brush cleanser. With the Pro Brush Cleaner it is finally possible to clean the brush deep into the fibers. This guarantees an excellent and optimal life of your brush!

Get your blending brushes at Boozyshop!

Are you also looking for the perfect blending brush and would you like to order it at Boozyshop? Definitely a good idea! At Boozyshop we not only have ensured that a very extensive and varied assortment of blending brushes is composed, but they are also available at a very interesting price. Another advantage of ordering at Boozyshop is that with every order over € 30,- you receive a nice little gift! So what are you waiting for? Order your blending brushes at Boozyshop!