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BOD Body on Demand 20 min Mermaid Bath Salts Pink Glitter

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BOD Body on Demand 20 min Mermaid Bath Salts Pink Glitter is bath salts where your skin gets a real boost! Are you going out for a night and do you want to shine like a star or do you just fancy a glittery night, this bath salt performs miracles. It does not matter what reason you think of, but this bath salt provides a wonderful fresh feeling and a nice complexion of your skin.

This boost consists of a great mix of different salt crystals, plant extracts and beautiful glitters which, once dissolved in the water, work together with your body. The bath salt has a purifying effect and extracts excess water from the upper skin layer. Not everyone will experience it in the same way, but 20 minutes in a bath with the Mermaid Bath Salts Pink Glitter removes about 1,3 liters of excess moisture from your body. The secret? The temperature of the bath. The water should be about 37 - 39 degrees, so you can be sure that the bath salt works optimally!

This bath salt :

  • Gives your skin a real boost.
  • Fresh feeling and a nice complexion.
  • Purifying effect.
  • Removes excess water from your upper skin layer.
  • Vegan.

How to use :

  • Make sure that the temperature of the bath water is between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius.
  • Add the entire content of bath salt into the water.
  • Make sure that the salt crystals are all dissolved before you step into the bath.
  • Pay attention! If the salt is not completely dissolved in the water, you may experience a prickling sensation on your skin.
  • Now you can relax in the bath for 20 minutes and enjoy your boost!

Tip! : For best results, prepare your skin first with one of Body on Demand's great scrubs. Once you have bath you can pamper your skin even more with the incredibly stimulating sorbets from Body on Demand!

Pay attention! : Always make sure that the bath is clean, so that the active ingredients can not stick on anything. It is best to clean the bath as soon as it is emptied out. Still your doubts and do you prefer to play safe? Then BOD Body on Demand 20 min Body Boost Bath Salts is the best alternative for you!

Ingredients :
Sodium Chloride, Synthetic, Fluorphlogopite, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Magnesium Sulphate, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Aqua, Tin Oxide, CI 17200 (D & C Red No. 33).

Contains : 1 kg.