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Boozyshop Sculpting Sponge

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Boozyshop Boozyshop Sculpting Sponge

The Boozyshop Sculpting Sponge is THE makeup sponge to contour and create natural shadows, also you can highlight your face perfectly. The Sculpting Sponge has an unique shape and that makes blending intro the difficult areas easy to blend. So even in the hard areas you’ve a flawless finish!

This sponge is 100% latex-free. 

How to use :
1. The flat side is to apply your foundation or concealer on the bigger areas of your face.
2. The round bottom is to blend the lines easily.
3. The angled side is for the application of precise lines.
Because of the angled side you can reach difficult areas on your face like your nose.

Do you know:
You can use the sponge last longer if you don’t make long rubbing motions over the face.

Keep the makeup sponge always in a well-aerated place with room temperature to prevent choking of the foam.

The sponge should be cleaned every week to optimize its lifetime.
Use lukewarm water and shampoo or a brush cleanser.

Keeps the sponge under lukewarm water and apply the shampoo. Squeeze out the moisture and repeat it until the makeup sponge is clean again.

Don’t clean the makeup sponge by rubbing it on a surface, it will damage the sponge.